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No description

Nicole Ty

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of TeaTap

.....The Milk Tea Competition A Study on TeaTap Café’s Marketability and its Relationship to Consumer Behavior and Preference I'd (Tea)Tap That. who's in, who's out......er, what's TEATAP?? Recognize These? according to Tapping into TeaTap circa Taiwanese & Japanese FUSION 2011 reviews testimonials and DRINKS FOOD&SNACKS Slow Growth? Not A Problem! Testing Consumer Preference towards
TeaTap’s Current & Future Market Preference Analysis II
Consumer Demographic Market Analysis 3-Level Analysis SPOT.PH Objectives determining correlations consumer demographic age
location of: residence work preferences teatap & non-teatap -prices
-other services
recommendations inferential statistics gender vs. price age vs. flavor gender vs. recommendation residence vs. times visited work area vs. recommendation gender vs. flavor age vs. times visited work area vs. price Customer/Non-Customer vs. Preference Analysis I. TeaTap-Specific
Product Consumption Trends General Trends and Preferences
towards TeaTap & Milk Tea Correlation or No Correlation? analyzing variable vs. variable relationships The Future of TeaTap Cafe to find correlations... Statistical Tests! Chi-Square Test Comparing Means (how to get from the bottom to top 1) 1 3 2 qualitative vs. qualitative variables use of H(o) & H(a) to prove if there is statistical
dependence between demographic & preference quantitative vs. qualitative comparing two populations Correlation Chart Location Just 1 Store! - only 1 branch
- San Juan Area
Awareness Location =/= Awareness -online efforts
-other media
(e.g. posters, flyers)
-franchising In-Store Improvements -Taste
-Add-ons & Extras -store awareness
-highlight ambiance
& atmosphere
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