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Holocaust Denial

No description

Chris Young

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Holocaust Denial

Holocaust Denial
The Irving Trial
Suggested resources
How will you be assessed.
Marks will be giving for:

The quality of evidence.
The relevance of the evidence.
The quality of your explanation of your evidence.
The strength of your argument refuting Irving's claims.
The presentation of your portfolio.
Your final task
In the year 2000:
David Irving, a controversial historian, sued Deborah Lippstadt, for claiming he was a holocaust denier in her book.

He said he could not be a holocaust denier as the holocaust did not happen
Irving Claimed:
1. There was no firm evidence that the Nazis
to kill the Jewish population of Europe.

2. There was no firm evidence that
ordered the slaughter of 6 million Jews.

3. There is no firm evidence that Jews were killed in
gas chambers
in Auschwitz
What you need to do.
Lippstadt effectively had to prove that the holocaust did happen and that Irving was wrong.

I want you to act as Lippstadt's lawyers and collect a portfolio of evidence.

of the
points Irving made and use the evidence in your portfolio to make a case against Irving.
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