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Basic concepts of social network analysis


Peter Hari

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Basic concepts of social network analysis

Basic concepts of social network analysis
How network concepts be applied?
Basic elements of a given social network
links or ties
Groups or other social entities
Group formation is based on informal relations
Teams and departments in a large organization
The formation of these entities is based on formal relations
Users, customers, workers
other entities
products, web pages, links, shops etc...
Basic elements of a given social network
advice, informal support, feedback
material, immaterial resources
goals, managerial requests,
The power of network - presentation
Basic elements of a given social network
The length of a path is the number of edges that comprise that path.
A geodesic path is a path between two given nodes that has the shortest possible length.
Albert-László Barabási presentation @ Google:
Network concept behind human behavior
Urban network analysis
more about measures in the Measures of Social Network Analysis chapter...
Network behind human behavior and emotions
Elements of network
Networks and human behavior
Networks and organizations
Networks and society
How does social network shape human behavior?
How to design cities?
How to prevent criminal events?
How to manage organizational change?
How to manage organizational knowledge?
What kind of network patterns describe the searching behavior for new products or places?
Which relations help you to find a new job or new business opportunities?
Which relations help you to access valuable resources?
Knowledge management and social networks
How to form effective teams that can access important knowledge and resources?
How to identify bottlenecks in the information flow?
How to discover covert networks of harmful organizations
click to play
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A - G Path length = 2
A - F Average path length=2,5
A - C Geodesic path length = 3 (blue path)
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