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L2- 3.1 I think i will...

Will- predictions, Mile stones in life, what will you do when you get there, Life cycle. Talk about where you will be in your life

Go English Live

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of L2- 3.1 I think i will...

I think i will...
We can use contractions with ¨will¨ if we want to
I will
You will
He will
She will
It will
We will
You will
They will
What will you do when you get there?
Asking and answering questions
How can we use ¨Will¨?
We can use ¨will¨ four different ways...
We can use ¨will¨ to talk about possibilities:
We can use ¨will¨to talk bout the future (Things we are certain of)
Tomorrow, my wife will be 30 years old
We can use ¨will¨ for decisions or plans:
I will take a shower and then I will go to sleep
We can use ¨will¨ with ¨I think/hope¨
She thinks she will pass the test but she wont if she doesn't study
Next week I will fly to Florida on a business trip.
I will probably get sick if I go to a hospital
Maybe we will buy a house next year
For this form of ¨will¨ we must use some words that indicate probability:
No doubt
Most likely
Some words go at the beginning of the sentence and some after ¨will¨
I will probably go to Miami next year
Maybe she will come later
I will sleep when I get home
We hope our daughter will come home for the holidays
it´s good to use them specially when we are speaking
What are ?
Life Milestones are very important moments in a person´s life
I will retire when I turn 60
She will graduate college in 3 years
I think I will get married before I turn 30
He will buy a new car next year
I will probably go to Cuba during my vacation
They will buy a new home in January
What will you do when you get there?
When I get there I will rest
Where will you go?
I will go to the Bahamas
When will you go?
I will go tomorrow
Why will you go to Bogota?
I will go on a business trip
Who will you go to the concert with?
I will go with my boyfriend
Where will you go during your vacation?
I will go to Brazil during my vacation
Question word
Main verb
Main verb
The human life cycle
Senior years
My name is Emma and this is my story...
I was born on June 29Th 1994
This was me when I was 2
This was me when I was 4
This was me when I was 6
This was me when I was 8
This was me when I was 10
This was me when I was 12
This was me when I was 14
This is me now!
Where will I be in 10 years?
In 10 years I will...
be a supermodel
Be married
Have a car
The end
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