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HRNK Activities & Commission of Inquiry Timeline

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on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of HRNK Activities & Commission of Inquiry Timeline

HRNK meets with Commissioners Kirby and Biserko & submits a report on the 9 patterns of human rights abuses

1) right to food; 2) torture and inhumane treatment; 3) arbitrary detention; 4) prison camps; 5) discrimination; 6) freedom of expression; 7) right to life; 8) freedom of movement; and 9) enforced disappearances
May '13
October '13
HRNK Activities & UN Commission of Inquiry Timeline
Establishment of the COI
The UN Human Rights Council establishes the Commission of Inquiry on human rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (the "COI") by a 47-member consensus on March 21, 2013

Commissioners Michael Kirby, Sonja Biserko, and Marzuki Darusman (UN Special Rapporteur) are appointed in May
COI Hearings in Seoul, South Korea

Over 40 witnesses testify in public hearings
Shin Dong-hyuk testifies
Topics include:
Forced repatriation
Political prison camps
Sexual violence
COI Hearings in Tokyo, Japan
COI Hearings in London, England
COI Meets With HRNK
COI Hearings in Washington, DC, USA

Expert witnesses include the following HRNK Board and Advisory Council members and HRNK report authors:
Marcus Noland, Andrew Natsios, David Hawk, Joseph S. Bermudez, Jr., Roberta Cohen, and Jared Genser

Topics include: human rights and politics, gender-based violence, refugees, prison camp situation, access to food, and responsibility to protect
COI Findings
The COI will submit a final written report to the Human Rights Council
March 17, 2014
OHCHR 25th Session
North Korea
the COI
The COI requests
meetings with North Korea

on 3 occasions and is
never allowed access
inside NK
June-July '13
COI Commissioner Kirby provides an oral update at the General Assembly's 68th Session
The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) publishes "Failure to Protect: A Call for UN Security Council to Act in North Korea" prepared with DLA Piper LLP
Report highlights the
failure of the North Korean government
to exercise its responsibility to protect its own people
Report urges the UN Security Council to take up the situation of North Korea
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, meets with Shin Dong-hyuk and then calls for a full-fledged

international inquiry into serious crimes

taking place in North Korea

Shin Dong-hyuk is the

only known person to be born in and escape

from a North Korean political prison camp (after 23 years)
High Commissioner for Human Rights
HRNK Calls for UN Action
Periodic Review

Establishment of the International Coalition
to Stop Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea

"What we have seen and heard so far – the specificity, detail and shocking character of the personal testimony – appears in its current state, without doubt to


follow-up action by the world community and accountability

on the part of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea."
Ways to Help
Start by talking about North Korea!
1. Stay informed:
www.facebook.com/CommitteeHRNK & www.hrnk.org/publications/hrnk-publications.php
2. Support our work:

3. Tell your Congressional representative you care about human
rights in North Korea
4. Get involved:
The Future?

Topics include:
Abductions of Japanese Nationals
Returnees to NK that have disappeared
Prison camps
Most recent review: December 7, 2009
Date of next review: May 2014
North Korea is the 1st State to


any recommendation
(out of 167 received)
Over 40 organizations join the coalition, including HRNK
January 2012
The COI's mandate is to investigate the "systematic, widespread and grave violations of human rights" in NK, "with a view to ensuring full accountability, in particular for violations which may amount to crimes against humanity."
June-July 2013
May 2013
August 20-24, 2013
August 29-30, 2013
Topics include:
Torture & arbitrary detention
Human rights violations in the army, starvation/ right to food
Human trafficking, sexual violence, unaccompanied children, & political prison camps
October 23, 2013
Oct. 30-31, 2013
"The establishment of the commission reflects long overdue recognition that a human rights 'emergency' exists in North Korea...In contrast to other situations, North Korea has always managed to hide its crimes."
October 30, 2013
2014 & Beyond
on human rights in North Korea
*Note: use your computer's right arrow to scroll through the timeline at your own pace
HRNK Continues Its Call to Action
Failure to Protect: The Ongoing Challenge of North Korea
recommends to the UN Secretary-General the appointment of a group of experts to report whether North Korea has violated international human rights law
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