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public services good citizen

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jack morgan

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of public services good citizen

HOW TO BE A GOOD CITIZEN PUBLIC SERVICES BENEFITS There are many benefits to society due to there being good citizens within that society. but the main 3 benefits are that it improves society and makes a positive difference, protects the environment and challenges injustice and enables fairness. IMPROVES SOCIETY AND MAKES
ENVIRONMENT Many good citizens are conscious of the importance of the environment on many different levels. At a local level they will ensure that they clean up litter and that their dogs don't foul on pavements, therefore making the area cleaner and safer. They also may get involved in local projects, for example recycling initiatives or cleaning up waste land, and also may support charities such as Green peace and friends of the earth. OVERVIEW Although the above three benefits help society in the greatest possible way there are many other ways in which good citizens can help the society they live in. This can be achieved by being caring and considerate for others in the community. also treating people how you would like to be treated. also treating the surroundings well and keeping them clean and tidy making the community a better place to live. CHALLENGES INJUSTICE
AND ENABLES FAIRNESS Also good citizens should aim to challenge injustice and the origins of injustice. This could mean challenging people who use racist or homophobic language. a good citizen will support the principle of fairness and equality and will encourage others to do the same, making for a fairer, more inclusive society in the long term. They should also be actively involved in reporting crime and cooperating with the police. Good citizens make their society a better place by
improving the social environment we live in. A good citizen provides the society with a sense of community and a sense of pride for their surroundings.This can be achieved by simple things such as ensuring property is well maintained and presentable or they may act as a role model for younger citizens. The impact of good citizenship and how this supports society and Public Services can often be found in examples of volunteering. IMPACT One way in which volunteering of people in communities is the special constables scheme in the UK. This is a system where someone who is maybe studying to be in the police force or just wants to maybe become a police officer or maybe even just wants to help society, can apply to be a special constable. It consist of them being trained as real police officers and have the same powers as normal police officers but are volunteers.
This helps the public services in many ways. one is that it helps them save money that can be used in areas that it is most needed. As the specials are only volunteers they do not get paid therefore saving the public services money. Also it gives the public services more police officers within their disposal. Meaning they can have more police officers on the streets preventing crime and also if a major incident occurs they have more police officers to deal with the situation and reinforce the normal payed officers. IMPACT THE LIVERPOOL POUND SCHEME: This was a scheme set up to sell off derelict houses in the Kensington area of Liverpool for just one pound to families that needed housing. But on the condition that the people who bought the houses refurbished them to a decent standard.

This will impact the public services as now local councils and do not have to spend thousands of pounds on destroying the housing to put newer less affordable housing in its place. It also gets rid of the hassle councils go through with big property developers signing contracts and trying to meet at a midway point with what the council want and with what the developers want. it also gives the public services more time to concentrate on other aspects of their job that need more attention or funding.
The impacts on society and the individuals are that it gives low income, less well off families a chance to build a family home environment at a very affordable price. Preventing them from being put into thousands of pounds of debt with loans, and gets rid of the hassle of them trying to get a mortgage for a more expensive house. And the impact on society is that it brings local councils and the society together. Making them work together and accept each others needs to gain what they need. Also it creates communities with a common core of families with low income with children who want a nice affordable family home, that is in an area with a sense of community. This common interest will hep them to move forward and create a better society. IMPACT However despite work being done in schools, corporations and Public Services it would be naive to think that inequality and discrimination didnt exist in society. Public Service work can often have to tackle these issues. Organistations such as CHAWREC are invaluable in supporting victims of inequality and also act as an 'Expert' for Public Services to help them deal more effectively with inequality.

CHAWREC was founded in 1995 originally as a Racial Equality Council. However, since then they have expanded into dealing with all areas of equality, although they still retain a specialism in race equality work. Without these organisations Public Services would struggle to support and deal with inequality in the UK.
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