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Health Related Diseases

No description

Zina Seibert

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Health Related Diseases

Health Related Diseases Know what to eat and when. To be healthy allways start with a healthy breakfast. Try to cover all the basic food groups so you can be active and awake. For snack try eating lightly so you can be awake try to avoid chocolate it might give you a sugar rush or so. By eating healthy you can prevent high blood preasure, because all the junk that youd you would usally eat would block up some oxygen you have and clog blood system. When you come to be overweight you should consider not eating too many calories. If you dont excersize regularly, the fats will be stored in your body as fats.

Start a pattern of healthy eating. Patterns are important if you want to succeed at sports or anything else. When you always do your best at practice, that's a good pattern. If you keep this pattern up, your foucus is sure to get better, at school ans everywher else.
What to eat to avoid health problems
Symptoms: Abrupt fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal discomfort, jaundice, dark urine and joint aches. Usually occur within 15 to 50 days of infection.
Source: Any food not cooked after handling, raw or undercooked shellfish from contaminated waters.
Hepatitis A
Symptoms: Diarrhea, cramps, pain, vomiting with some types. Symptoms come six to 15 hours after eating, and last about 24 hours.
Sources: Meats, milk, vegetables, fish, starchy foods and cheese.
Bacillus cereus Diarrhea Diarrhea is caused when you eat or drink something which is decontaminated with too many germs. Most food like that is unhealthy. Fats You have probably heard when taking to somebody or on the news that fats are very unhealthy. They can cause cancer, heart diseaes or other terrible health problems.

When fats get digested, the are broken down and taken around to different substences around the body. Cholestral is one of these substences. Additionly, things called free radicals that are produced during the digestion.

It is these free radicals that can cause damage to the insides of the blood vessels eventually leading to the furring up of the blood vessels (called atherosclerosis). Sometimes the furring can get so bad it completely blocks the blood vessel or the vessel gets so small inside due to the furring that a small blood clot that might normally pass easily causes the blockage on the blood vessel.

Why eat it when you know you are going to look like this?
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