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Guided Math/ Math Workshop

No description

Valerie Verastegui

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Guided Math/ Math Workshop

Guided Math/ Math Workshop
Valerie Verastegui

Session goals
Understand the difference between Whole Group and Guided Math instruction.
Learn about Math Workshop
View examples of Guided Math/ Math Workshop in action.
"Teach your team" with your bring-along activities.
Guided Math Versus Whole Group Math
When is Whole Group Math Appropriate?
Presenting mini-lessons which include:
Connection – Connect target concept with a previous lesson, something in the students’ work or experience.
Teaching Point – New teaching point should be presented verbally and
demonstrated or modeled.
Active Engagement – Students try out and investigate their skill. Can be done with manipulatives, pen and paper, or even orally.

Activating Strategies
Can be used to get students focused on the topic, especially when new concepts are being introduced.
These strategies include KWL charts, anticipation guides, word splashes or brain storms, etc.

When is Whole Group Math Appropriate?
Reading Aloud Mathematic Related Literature
Students love a good story. Math literature can often inspire students and motivate them. Teachers can use think-alouds to relate mathematical concepts within the story.

Setting the Stage for Math Workshop
Explain and practice procedures, or give specific directions for workshop time.
A “Math Huddle” or math meeting is an opportunity for students to gather to discuss and learn from each other. They can talk about the discoveries, solutions, and learning that has occurred during math exploration.
When is Whole Group Math Appropriate?
Practice and Review Sessions

May utilize pencil and paper tasks, games, music, technology etc., anything that allows the group to be refreshed and reminded of the concepts that have been taught.
Allows students to prepare for tests and solidify their understanding of what they have learned.

A variety of assessment styles and formats can be used for both formative and summative purposes in a large group setting.
Guided Math Management Ideas
Why do I use Guided Math Instruction?
Our goal for students is a deeper understanding of math concepts, rather than simple mastery of procedures. Small group (guided) math helps with:

Differentiated instruction
With a wide range of ability and level of understanding, teachers can use groupings to meet the needs of various groups and reach students at their level of need.

Teach Critical Concepts
Allows teachers to target particular grade level skills, such as 2-digit addition in 2nd grade.
Guided math allows teachers to closely monitor understanding of these concepts throughout the lesson.
Why do I Use Guided Math Instruction?
Teaching with Manipulatives
Manipulatives allow students to better visualize the process they are learning. In small group, teachers can monitor their use and determine if students are grasping the concept.

Informal Assessment
By observing the work with manipulatives or written tasks and asking specific questions, teachers can quickly assess understanding and re-direct misunderstandings before they have been practiced repeatedly.
What is Math Workshop?
Math workshop is a time for students to develop skills and put them to practice.
Math workshop may include:
Reviewing of concepts already taught
Practicing math facts for mastery
Using math games for reinforcement
Solving problems
Investigating math concepts
Recording in math journals
Working with technology tools
Completing work for small-group instruction.
Adventist Education. Guided Math. http://nadeducation.org/math

McGraw-Hill Education. Differentiated Instruction: Developing different types of workstations.

BER Staff Development. Using Guided Math to Strengthen Students' Math Learning, Grades 3-6.
Math Workshop In Action
Guided Math In Action
Teacher Share Time
Within your team, please take the time to present the activity you brought to share.
Please pass out a copy of any printed materials needed for the activity.

When you leave today, you should have a starter packet of activities that you will be able to use for Math Workshop for your upcoming math unit.

Specialists/Support teachers: Please join a grade level that you may be working with this year to get some great ideas for Morning Interventions or Tutoring.
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