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MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd.

No description

Daniyal Rajwani

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd.

A Motorcycle Theft & Business Inefficiency Solutions Company
MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd.

We Are Your Solution
Company & Credibility

MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd. is the sister concern of Vehicle Tracking Pvt. Ltd.
11 years of Tracking and Services for all 2 - 4 door vehicles
Work with 75 percent of all Insurance Companies in Pakistan
Proudly hold 23% market share with 45,000 clients till date
R&D innovated Motorcycle Tracking System within 2 years


1. Lack of Employee Oversight
2. Lack of Punctuality
Motorcycle Industry Analysis
Crime: Theft, Target Killings, Terrorism & Burglaries
CPLC Theft Data
1.6 Million + Motorcycles per Year
MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd.
Pakistan's First Motorcycle Tracking Company
20 Major Storefronts
300 Dealerships
Installed Demos
Compatible with All Mobile Devices
Ignition On/ Off SMS
Kill / Start Engine via SMS or Computer
Get Position via SMS or Computer
Geo- Fence Alert
Tampering Alert
SOS Button
Hidden On Bike's throttle,
Once pressed an SOS is sent to 2
registered Mobile Phones with Location and Option to Kill Engine
Conclusion & Questions
Corporate Pricing
Quantity ?
Requirement: ?

A. 1 - 10000 pre-programmed (w/sim) units Rs. 3450 per device excluding GST

B. 10000+ pre-programmed (w/sim) units Rs. 3250 per device excluding GST

Pakistan Needs Motorcycle Tracking
1. Individual Customers
2. Corporate Clients
3. Government Agencies

Motorcycles = 80 % of all vehicles in Pakistan
How do I prevent the theft of my company motorcycles ?
Where is that particular employee now?
How far is that employee from the Head Office/warehouse?
How far is that employee from the designated distribution spot ?
Whom is the closest employee to the disignated spot for pickup/ delivery / maintenence?
How long has this employee/s parked at any given spot ?
What exact route did my employee/s take today, yesterday, 6 months ago ?
Exactly how much time did the employee/s take to deliver / pickup / perform ?
Exactly how many kilometers any employee travelled any given day ?

Are employees misusing company resources and assets?
Whats each drivers style, their reliability and their ethics?
Was the driver driving too fast or too slow too reckless ?
Did my employee/s actually do what i asked ?
Did my employee/s steal ?
Whats my risk lending / leasing this motorcycle ?
How do I reduce Loss prevention / Recovery budget?
How much money is my company not making due to these unresolved issues ?
How will I ever know these things ?

"40 motorcycles per Day Stolen."
One Time Purchase w/ 1 Yr. Warranty
As easy as Facebook
RETAIL: RS. 6500
Rs. 18 a day for the first year (Unit + Service)
Rs. 4 per day after 1st year (Rs. 1500 annual service charge)
Corporate Clients
Honda R&D
United Lahore
United King
Burger King &Pizza Hut
12 Gangs Busted
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