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My Canada by: Tomson Highway

No description

chloe valcin-wright

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of My Canada by: Tomson Highway

Methods of development
Essay Analysis
Barrens- Unproductive or unfruitful lands
Eskers- Serpentine ridge of gravelly and sandy drift
Rancour- Bitter, rankling resentment

While traveling through Australia on a bus, three summers back, he sees a newspaper with the words “Canada Number One Country in the World” written on it as the headline.

As a native canadian, he begins to feel homesick.

This proclamation in the newspaper, was based on studies that were done by the United Nations that compared the living conditions of countries around the world.

Tomson talks about the different landscapes, and the many lakes and rivers.

How we have an abundance of natural resources, how we do not pay for our medical care, and our rich history.

Mentions the great cities we have here in Canada like Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Quebec city, and how culturally diverse we are

Also talks about the problems we face and what we would like to improve on, for example: lowering the crime rates.

At the end of the essay we find out that he is a native Cree man, and he is very proud to say that Canada is his home, and that when he walks the streets of Toronto he feels “ As talk as a Maple”
My Canada
by: Tomson Highway

Karina, Annabel, Shanice, Chloe
Stylistic Devices
- Very Descriptive
- Similes and Diction
- Tone and Atmosphere
- Emotional Bond
- Positive Attitude
- Simple and not very complex.


The thesis of this story is not stated directly, so the reader must infer it from the text. The inferred thesis can be that Canada is the best place in the world to live. I came up to this conclusion because the whole essay is Tomson describing Canada and Its strong suits.
Writers purpose:
Mainly an opinionative essay
- Can also be considered a narriative, informative, and informative essay

- Subjective approach
- Somewhat informal essay
- Speaks in first person
Essay Analysis Cont.
What did you think of the essay and its topic?
- No particular audience
- Definitely not a private essay

Attitude and Tone:
- Consistently positive
- Would defeat the purpose to speak negatively
Now that you have some background information on the author, has your opinion on the essay changed?
Do you think Tomson could have written an essay on a better topic given his life and experiences?
In this essay there are multiple stylistic devices used to enhance the authors writing.
These include:
Rhetorical questions


Ebb and flow- A recurrent or rythmical pattern of coming and going
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