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the great pyramid

Darielys Delgado

Mrs. Waggoner

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of the great pyramid

By: Darielys Delgado Each pyramid is built with 2 million blocks.
The blocks was high and big. Building pyramids was not an easy job. Workers built pyramids that were very tall. Pyramids were as tall as 450 feet. Metal workers made and sharpened tools. The tools they used were; stone,cooper chisel,wood mallet.
Workers used a plumb line to measure the blocks. Metal workers made and sharpened tools that were used to build the pyramids. Egyptian pyramids were very
important to the people of Egypt.
They used them to keep the Gods
burried.The Great Pyramid was the first one they built. The Great Pyramids The Great Pyramid had Egyptian
writing.The writing was called hieroglyphics. The workers had lots to do and they work very hard for months to get the pyramids to stand. The Great Pyramid has lots of stairs and consisted of many blocks. It took lots of people to work on it. It is the biggestg pyramid in Egypt. This is a video of pyramid and what they look like inside.
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