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This prezi presents some of the literary elements used in the epic.

Ms. Arandez

on 28 June 2015

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Transcript of Beowulf

The story of a hero, a king
Our story begins in the land of the Danes where a famous king, King Hrothgar, descended from a line of great kings, was plagued with a serious problem. There was a monster attacking his famous gathering hall, Heorot Hall. Grendel, the evil demon, came every night killing whoever he encounters in the building. The place became infamous and eventually abandoned because of the constant danger of Grendel's murdering appetite. The doors of Herot Hall remained closed for 12 years.
During this time period, becoming a warrior was the best career you can get. You can get famous; you can get rich with treasure; and there is always a chance you will meet someone important.
Beowulf and Grendel battle in Heorot Hall.Grendel realized that Beowulf was too strong for him so it tried to run away from him but Beowulf wouldn't let go. He ended up ripping its arm off of its socket. Grendel fled bleeding to his lair and that is where it died.

Grendel's mother saw its fate and vowed revenge. She attacked Heorot Hall in the evening after the kingdom celebrated Grendel's death. Grendel's mom killed the king's best friend.

Beowulf swam down to the mother's den and battled her to the death. Beowulf was no match for her. She was much stronger than him and his weapons were useless against her. Beowulf's salvation was an enchanted sword on the wall and that was what killed her.
The use of two or more words in a line that begins with the same letter or sound.

The epic poem uses
a lot in its original form. You could easily see that in the names used - Hrothgar, Hergar, Halga.
Beowulf sets sail for Denmark
News of Grendel's massacre reached different lands including the land of the Geats. There was a brave, strong and loyal man named Beowulf. He took 14 of his best men and sailed for Denmark.
a creature from pure evil,
referred to as the champion of evil,
son of Cain,
killed 30 men on the first attack on Heorot Hall;
the reason for Heorot Hall abandoned for 12 years
Beowulf - hero, leader
- did not need to go to Denmark to kill Grendel, but sought danger as well as glory, gold and fame

- he had the strength of 30 men; he ripped Grendel's arm off just with sheer strength; he was able to take and handle the giant-forged sword on the wall of Grendel's mom's den

A Good Leader -
inspired loyalty and obedience from his men, willing to fight with him

Loyal -
showed his allegiance to Higelac in all his introductions; brought all his treasures from Hrothgar back to Higelac to present it to him;
Beowulf vs. Grendel
Beowulf becomes King
King Higelac dies in one of the battles that the Geats have with its neighbors. There is no heir, Beowulf becomes the king of the Geats. He, just like Higelac, is very generous in rewarding his soldiers. Beowulf now becomes preoccupied with becoming richer, stronger, and greater. A dragon comes to attack the kingdom and Beowulf likes the idea.
Beowulf dies and requests that the treasure of the dragon is brought to him so he can see what he was able to get for his kingdom. He asked Wiglaf to have his funeral pyre close to the dragon hoard.

The corpse of Beowulf is burned together with the treasure. The soldiers built a tower around his ashes. This tower served as a beacon for all sailors in the area.
He gets the dragon's treasure hoard becomes his if he were to kill it.

The dragon injures Beowulf and venom enters Beowulf's body to poison his body slowly.

Beowulf dies and gives Wiglaf his armor.
Beowulf's Funeral
Themes in Beowulf
1. The constant struggle between good and evil
2. The qualities of a good king or leader
3. The qualities of a good warrior or soldier
4. The quality of LOYALTY
6. FAME, Pride, Shame
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