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The Evolution Of Weapons

English ISP presentation

jerry liu

on 13 January 2011

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Transcript of The Evolution Of Weapons

The Evolution of Weapons The Sword The age of Muscle Swords were used by common foot soldiers
and eachpart of the world has different
types of swords,for example ancient china
used Jians and Spartans falcatas. Swords started out as stone daggers, but as bronze
and other weapons were discovered, swords were being
made out of metals, not stones. Two types of these
metals were bronze and iron Iron swords were made, but they were often weaker than bronze swords, so bronze swords were still the best that money can buy. Later as time went on, ironsmiths found out that when they hammered hot iron, then dousing it in water, they made a stronger, more rigid blade. Swords were used mainly when the soldier’s primary weapon was spent or out of reach, acting likes a modern soldier’s side arm.  The Spear The spear was the ancient soldier’s primary weapon, and threatened anyone who didn’t have a long range weapon. The spear is a cheap weapon to produce and many ancient armies found the spear helpful in their conquests and battles. Spears changed the way armies fight, one example of this is ancient Greece. Spear armed Greek warriors used shields and formed a formation known as a phalanx, and each man covered each other with their shields. They would all point their shields forward and formed an unbreakable wall. Phalanxes would charge at each other in formation, and were basically shoving battles to gain ground. o Spears were also used by Calvary, and
riders were able to throw their spears at a
target then retreating after damaging the opposition.
Another tactic was developed during the middle
ages in Europe. This was known as charging, and knights
breed special horses for this purpose. The rider would hold
the spear or lance under the
armpit, and would charge full force at the enemy. The Calvary were not the only ones to use spears to fight, in fact one of the best ways to battle horsemen was to use a spear wall  Long ranged warfare One type of long ranged weapon was the sling. The sling is cheap and easy to make and conceal. It is made with leather or twisted cord. A soldier can carry a shield with a sling, because he can reload with only one hand. The age of Gun powder o The bow is one of the best known and deadliest weapons in the ancient world. It was created by taking a shaft of bendable wood, then fitting a string to it. Another type of bow was invented, the composite bow. The composite bow was far more reliable and easy to use than the longbow. Another type of bow was the cross bow, which was first used in the battle of Ma-ling, China 341 BC. Crossbows have a range of about 300 yards, and shoot very slowly, about 2 per minute. The Chinese have made a variant of the Crossbow, the repeating crossbow, which has a 10 round clip and can fire 2 per second. Despite shooting very slowly, the crossbow was extremely easy to use and required no training at all. In the 9th century, gun powder was invented by Chinese alchemists. They added elemental sulfur, charcoal, and saltpeter to make a powder called serpentine. The gun powder propelled projectiles and created a thick smoke that was very hard to see through. The different mixtures of chemicals can affect the concentration of smoke. the rifle around the 1600s gunsmiths decided to experiment with lighter guns for foot soldiers, this was the start of the rifle a new type of rifle was introduced, the wheelock. In this lock type, a piece of iron pyrite was held by a hammer against a piece of iron pirerate with extremely rough edges. The inside of the barrel the wheel lock was too hard to produce and so it was replaced by the flintlock. The flint lock was extremely popular because it was so simple to use. The bayonet and the art of rifling was also introduced Rifling Rifling is putting grooves in the barrel of a
gun to put a spin on the bullets that pass
through it. This makes the bullet very
accurate and the bullets spin in flight like a
foot ball. My subtopic!
My book, the lord of the rings, the two towers is one of the classics of the 20th century. The story continues the epic tale of the world of Middle Earth. this subtopic is related because it focuses on the tools of warfare that the story mentioned as well as some of the tools used today. A video about LOTR weapons War novels Thank you for watching!!
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