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The Use of Banana Peel Juice as an Alternative Source of Ele

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Danielle Nidea

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of The Use of Banana Peel Juice as an Alternative Source of Ele

The Use of Banana Peel Juice as a Source of Electricity
Statement of the Problem

Will the bio-battery work with the banana peel extract to create electricity?

Will the electricity produced be enough to power a small light bulb?

Will the use of banana peel extract as fuel for the bio-battery be more efficient than other sources that were tried before in other studies?
Significance of the Study
The results of this study can be a great help to future researchers because they can gain new knowledge and information about the electrical properties of banana peel which they can further study to obtain better results in terms of energy production.
Future Researchers
This study will benefit consumers because they can have an alternative source of electricity.
Materials for Extracting Banana Peel
Ripe banana peels
Tap water
Process for Extracting Banana Peel

The banana peel is to be removed from the bananas.

The banana peel will be boiled using the kettle for forty-five minutes; three cups of tap water for every two hundred fifty grams of banana peel.

The banana peel will be removed from the juice by straining the contents of the kettle using a strainer.
Experimental Setups
Setup A
Two cups of banana peel extract/juice
Setup B
Two cups of energy drink Gatorade (Cool Blue Flavor)
Setup C
Two cups of liquefied sugar
Experimental Procedure

The independent variable for each trial will be poured into the anode chamber of the bio-battery.

For each trial, the amount of electricity will be measured using a voltmeter, and this data will be recorded.
End of Presentation

Balbin, Isabela Mae R.
Borromeo, Nestor Jan Kenneth P.
Espiritu, Princess P.
Litam, Jan Karl Anton B.
Lopez, Joshua Daniel F.
Nidea, Danielle Mari C.
Romero, Tom Jasper P.
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