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American expansion- Philippines

No description

morgan massey

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of American expansion- Philippines

American expansion- Philippines
During the 1890's-1910 America was becoming known as a world power. In 1898 America defeted Spain in Cuba and in the Philippines, America gained the Philipiens, Puerto Rico, and other islands on from the Spainish. But, the filipino people had been fighting in a revolution, and the last thing they wanted was to be taken over by an imperialst country.

Why did America want to expand into The Philippines?
* The raw materials in the Philippens would provide base nessecisites to factories
* Raw material such as Bamboo was used


* It was a conflict between imperialist and nationalist.
* America wanted an overseas empire, the Filippino people wanted their freedom.
*the Philipiens was once ruled by spain, in 1896 a reviolution broke out in the islands, this lasted for 2 years until the Filipino poeple considered themselves allies with the Americans.
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