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lau Guan yit

on 25 February 2017

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What is Cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology like cell phones,computers,etc.
Which countries have the most cyberbullying cases?
Who are usually the victims of cyberbullying?
They are usually teenagers.Cyberbullys are always picking on someone based on a type of bias or prejustice.they may pick based on
religion,race,gender ore people who are deemed 'not cool.'
How to prevent cyberbullying
1.Dont respond.If someone bullies you,remember that is usually what the bully wants.
2.Don't retaliate.Getting back at the bully turns you into one and reinforces the bully's behaviour
3.Save the evidence.The only good news about digital bullying is that harrassing messagees can usually be captured.
How do people cyberbully each other?
People use mobile devices to harrass,intimidate, or cause harm to one another.
Why do people cyberbully?
People are often motivated by anger,revenge or fustration.Sometimes they do it for entertainment or because they are bored.
There are two countries with a lot of cases of cyberbulling and they are Singapore and China.
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