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The Outsiders - Steve, Two-Bit

No description

Jennifer Kim

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders - Steve, Two-Bit

The Outsiders- Steve Randle, Two-Bit
Physical Description
Steve Randle
-17 years old
-tall and lean
-thick greasy hair

-About 6 feet tall
-stocky in build
-long rusty-colored side burn
-gray eyes
-has wide grin
Connection with characters outside the Novel
Role In Novel
Steve Randle:
-One of the greasers member
-Sodapop's bestfriend

-Leader of the Greasers
Symbols that represent the Character
Relationship with other characters in the novel
Songs that represent the Character
Steve Randle

-irresistibly funny
-likes fighting, blondes, and school
Steve Randle
-Best friends with Sodapop
-Doesn't like Ponyboy(thinks him as annoying kid)
-Hopes Ponyboy tag not along so often

-The leader of Greasers
Steve Randle
-Huckleberry Finn from book, 'Adventures of Tom Sawyer'
-parents don't care a lot of him.
-friend of Tom Sawyer(Sodapop)
-went through rough life
-Ralph from the movie, 'Wreck-it Ralph'
-2 groups separated like the book Outsiders
Steve Randle
-Car represents Steve because Steve is an expert of cars and

-Two-Bit’s switchblade
-His most prized possession.
-Represents the disregard for authority for which greasers traditionally pride themselves.
Steve Randle
-Respectable, Rolling Stone

-We Will Rock You, Queen
Thanks For Listening:)
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