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Dork Diaries: Tales from not so dorky drama queen

No description

gaetane jeudy

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of Dork Diaries: Tales from not so dorky drama queen

Character and Traits
Nikki Maxwell is a nice, easygoing, happy girl. She cares a lot about her friends.
Mackenzie Hollister is a spoiled, rude, and selfish girl who hates Nikki and tries to make her life miserable.
Brandon Roberts is a quiet and shy boy ,who likes to hang out with Nikki.
Chloe and Zoey are Nikki's best friend , who are very helpful and supportive of her.
Rising Action
A girl named Mackenzie had to clean the girls showers because she hit a girl named Nikki in the head during Gym class. Mackenzie hates Nikki. One day in class Mackenzie had a bug in her hair and Nikki told her. Mackenzie was freaking out and someone recorded a video of her. Everyone was laughing at Mackenzie and she blamed Nikki. One day Nikki's friend, Chloe, left her locker open and her diary was in there. Mackenzie saw the diary and took Nikki's diary. When finds out her diary is missing she starts looking for it. While, looking for her diary Mackenzie keeps bothering her, Nikki tells Brandon Roberts, who she thought was Mackenzie, to leave her alone and he is hurt. Nikki and Brandon stopped talking for a period of time. Brandon writes Nikki a letter to meet him somewhere if she still wants to be his friend at her locker. Mackenzie sees the letter and takes it. Brandon was sad that Nikki didn't want anything to do with anymore. The next day Mackenzie decides to put the letter in Nikki's locker. When Nikki sees the letter she is happy that Brandon stills wants to be friends. Nikki goes to meet up Brandon but he never showed up.
Nikki and Brandon are avoiding each other and no longer have a friendship because Mackenzie took the letter and put it in Nikki's locker too late
Falling Action
Since everyone was laughing at Mackenzie, she became unpopular. So Mackenzie beg her rich parents to transfer to North Hampton academy. While Nikki was walking she found a book with leopard print case on the floor, witch Mackenzie's assistant that cleaning out her dropped the diary on the floor.
Nikki Maxwell is worried about a rumor that Brandon only kissed her in exchange for pizza.When she sees Brandon leaving Queasy Cheesy, she is worried that it might be true. Nikki and Brandon got in a fight and aren't talking to each other. Meanwhile, Mackenzie is mad at Nikki because she has to clean the girls showers for hitting Nikki in the head in Gym class.
Dork Diaries: Tales from not so dorky drama queen
Setting and Time
Weschester Country Day Middle School
Queasy Cheesy Mackenzie's Home
The Mall
The time of the story is April 2 to the 30th
The problem of the story was that Nikki lost her diary because Mackenzie took it out of revenge. Mackenzie kept hurting everyone by taking Nikki's diary, writing bad advice to people on Nikki's Miss-Know-It-All column.
Nikki finally found her diary and apologized and explained everything to Brandon. At first he didn't believe her but he came around and they went out together. Mackenzie left WCD academy and now goes to North Hampton academy.
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