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Automation of Additive Manufacturing

No description

Lou Rich

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Automation of Additive Manufacturing

Automation of Additive Manufacturing

Plastic Deformation Graph
Finishing Media Selection
+Smaller than smallest negative part feature
+Combine different shapes and sizes
Media Selection
+Consider the weight of the part in conjunction to the media's weight per cubic foot

Vibratory Finishing Variables
Presented by: John Oney
- surface material starting to move from pressure

*Strain Harden
-stressing surface compressing and hardening

- Surface Being stressed to it’s Max


Chemicals DEfoamer Cleaners
+2260 DEfoamer/Cleaner

+2510 Cleaner, Mildly Acidic

part protection Rods

Tub Dividers
-Multiple media
-Multiple large parts
-Flat panel parts
-Make any size compartment

-part protectors Separate parts at wall
-Keeps parts from getting peened or damaged at wall

Large flat parts

-Large dimension runs vertically with media
-Media volume above center of part
-Allow 2” to 4” on each side of the part

Fragile Features and Body Support
-PC, Ultem, PPSF support will protect fragile features

-Bracing possibly needed on flexible parts

-Protective needs incorporated in build

double contour
single contour
*Burnishing media can create an injection molded look
finishing Media
*good part

double contour keeps part strong and smooth
*bad Part
single contour leaves weak rough edge
click to play
Let our experts tackle your Additive manufacturing needs in our 8,000 sq. ft. process development lab.

Soluble Support material
Polymer soluble material is petroleum base product
Redesign conventional part washing cabinet
Support removal in minutes like removing heavy greases and tallow's
custom systems to fit process or application
Wash cabinet support removel
FDM/DDM production components
Design for direct digital manufacturing (polymer components)
Cleaning (support removal)
Finishing (paint ready or injection molded look)
Mechanical treatments (deformation of surface and removing natural porosity of FDM components.
Application improvements (composite, areospace components.
Removing post process bottleneck
Part Quality for FDM/DDM
Top screen shot shows gap between outside contours
Bottom shows added contours closing off interior rasters
Viewing part from different angels exposes voids
After vibratory finishing
Production composites using soluble cores
Core removal in minutes
more design possibilities
Reduced post process labor
System design for industrial needs
Mainstream practise's
Large thin wall parts
protects parts from touching walls and each other
Short processing time
guaranteed repeatable process
Capable of holding multiple parts
Steel process
Injection molded look
Mechanical sealing possibilities
deformation process for removing natural porosity
30 minutes hands free process
Design for FDM/DDM components
Determine slice/tip, coincides with part size normally or material
design part (wall thickness) to tool path capabilities, double contour with raster
Careful file processing for high quality end-use parts
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