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Canada's Interactions with the Global Community

No description

Victoria Varvaro

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Canada's Interactions with the Global Community

Canada's Interactions with the Global Community
Current Event
Typhoon in the Philippines
Introductory Lesson
Think about your morning routine
What happened before you came to school?
In what ways has Canada responded to natural disasters in the past?

How should Canada
respond to this?
Links to Social Studies
Curriculum 2013
People and Environments: Canada's Interactions with the Global Community

Grade 6: Strand B
investigate some global issues of political, social, economic and/or environmental importance, their impact on the global community, and responses to the issues

formulate questions to guide investigations into global issues
gather and organize information on global issues using a variety of resources and various technologies

What did you hear?

What did you see?

What do you know?
Critical Thinking
In what ways do global environment disasters impact the local community?
Whole group discussion about Typhoon Haiyan
Provide students opportunity to research the details and gather evidence
* non-fiction books about natural disasters
* newspaper articles and archives
* internet research
How does Typhoon Haiyan impact our local community?
Global issues require global action.

What can we do as a class within our local community to make an impact globally?
Agatha Mycek, Kali Singer, Rebecca Freedman, Victoria Varvaro
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