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Travel to Spain

No description

Kat Vera

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Travel to Spain

Travel to Spain
By: Cierra Short
Malaga, Spain
Visit el Puerto de Malaga
Things to do
Places to Eat
Hotels and Airfare
Malaga is a port city in Spain, known for it's high rise hotels and it's beautiful beaches.
Visit Malaga Cathedral
Visit Malaga Park
Visit la Playa de La Malagueta
Cuisine: Spanish, Mediterranean
La Recova
Cuisine: Spanish, Mediterranean
De Locos Tapas
Cuisine: Spanish, Mediterranean, Fusion
Barcelo Malaga
Marriot's Playa Andaluza
$133 per night
$192 per night
Madrid, Spain
Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is known for their beautiful parks and elegant boulevards.
Things to do
Watch a flamenco show
Visit the Royal Palace of Madrid
Visit the Madrid Rio
Visit Retiro Park
Places to Eat
Cuisine: International, Spanish, Mediterranean
The Market Madrid
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Spanish, International
Vinos de Bellota
Cuisine: Contemporary, Spanish
Hotels and Airfare
The Westin Palace Madrid
Hotel Europa
$658 per night
$184 per night
Air France
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