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Microcredit loan cycle

No description

Ly Tran

on 30 June 2017

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Transcript of Microcredit loan cycle

Field visit
Personal and family data
Economic activities
Previous and current loans
Details of the proposed loan

Loan assessment
Repayment capacity
Loan approval
Terms and conditions

Disbursement schedule
Repayment schedule
Loan monitoring
Open communication
monitoring: on-site visits
monitoring: meeting with local vets, input suppliers, slaughterhouses, etc.
Loan recovery
Reward on-time loan repayment
Immediately assess late repayment
Loan cycle
Loan application
Field visit
Loan assessment
Loan approval
Loan recovery
Loan monitoring
Loan disbursement
Default management
Situation analysis
Loan rescheduling
Risk management
Low-risk borrowers
Medium-risk borrowers
High-risk borrowers
Repayment capacity?
Repayment willingness?
Cash flow projection
Future income
Repayment willingness
Character of the client
Loan officer's judgement
Local reputation
Previous records
Loan appraisal
Repayment capacity
Repayment willingness
Good loans may turn into bad ones!
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