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No description

Connor Peters

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Beowulf

First Challenge Third Challenge Setting -The great mead-hall known as Heorot is being tormented by a near by monster named Grendel.
-King Hrothgar asks Beowulf’s father to return his favor by sending a great hero to put an end to the madness
-Beowulf then sets out from his home in Geatland to slay Grendel
Second Challenge -After Grendel’s defeat they celebrate all night. The next day Beowulf’s closest advisor, Aeschere, is found murdered by Grendel’s mother.
-Grendel’s mother left no gift.
-Beowulf must go slay Grendel’s mother in order to ensure peace and avenge his kinsman.
-After defeating Grendel and his mother, Beowulf returns to Geatland. After his father is killed in war Beowulf ascends to the throne and rules as king for fifty years.
-A thief discovers a cave with a dragon in it and tries to steal some loot. The dragon awakens and begins scorching the land.
-Beowulf and only one of his kinsman must defeat the dragon and save his kingdom.
1)Location : Denmark
-Composed around 700 A.D.
-Action takes place around 500 A.D.
3)Cultures: Germanic tribes, Anglo-Saxons
Characters -Beowulf-A strong warrior who represents the ideals of a hero in the time the story takes place
-Hrothgar-King of Demark. Beowulf’s father owes him for a favor
-Grendel-A horrible disfigured monster who lives in a swamp near the Heorot.
-Grendel’s mother-An even more grotesque monster that resides in an underwater cave. -Wiglaf-One of Beowulf’s most loyal kinsmen. Grendel -Said to be a descendant of Cain
-Impervious to weapons
-Very sensitive hearing
-Represents the sins of envy and wrath.
Battle with Grendel -Beowulf sets a trap from Grendel by having him and his men pretend to be asleep. Then when Grendel appears -Beowulf confronts him in hand to hand combat. Beowulf over-powers Grendel and tears off his arm. Grendel then retreats back to his swamp and dies.
-The battle, like the others, represents Beowulf overcoming his own personal faults.
-A giant, bloated beast who is in no way Angelina Jolie
-Also possesses invulnerability to modern weaponry.
-Acidic blood.
-Represents the sins of wrath and pride. Possibly gluttony as well.
-Resides in an underwater cave that was originally inhabited by giants.
Grendel's Mother Battle with Grendel's Mother -Despite knowing he cannot defeat Grendel’s mother in the same way as Grendel himself, Beowulf swims to the cave to face her.
-Beowulf wins by using an enchanted sword used by giants. Afterward her blood melts the blade.
-Beowulf finds Grendel’s body, decapitates him, and uses his head as a gift to Hrothgar.
-The battle represents Beowulf’s conquering of his inner struggle.
The Dragon -Represents the sin of greed.
-Lives in a cave with many riches.
Battle with the Dragon -With the help of Wiglaf, Beowulf manages to defeat the dragon. But, during the battle, it bit him in the neck. The fiery poison killed Beowulf slowly.
-With his dying breath Beowulf tells Wiglaf to spread his wealth amongst the kingdom.
-Beowulf’s death signifies the passing of an era.
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