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Final Presentation

cmn 2148

Melissa Polak

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Final Presentation

Marshall's Processing Plant A presentation by McKay Consulting Data Collection Results & Findings Recommendations A Literature Review A Survey A Focus Group An Intervention 10 different academic and industry sources were used. 18 Marshall's employees
Samples from the wet mill, refinery, and administration
6 Marshall's employees
Samples from the wet mill and refinery Pilot-tested a virtual communication tool
Gathered feedback from management Human Resource Management Style
Top-Down Implementation Style ! Technology was useful in reaching decentralized employees Reinforced the need for management and implementation styles closer to industry standards. 6 employees took part in a 20 minute focus group "We wish that we could have a larger roll and be more involved... sometimes things are just too disconnected..." "The fact that I am overworked and don't have an opinion... it disgruntles me as an employee!" "We have a representative [in our working group] but it's the same person all the time... I don't even know if my interests or those of my group are represented..." Conclusions from data collection so far: Human Resource management style
Programs to increase participation and motivation
Increased knowledge and information sharing . . Pilot Test of our Marshall's Virtual Human Resource Centre
Management was able to provide feedback Features like "Discussions" and "Events" promote inter-unit knowledge sharing within the organization As well as develop social relationships between employees to deepend bonds and strengthen commitments. Changing the HR Structure
Changes to Working Group
Incentive Program
Social Program
Virtual HR Centre Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly An employee cannot serve more than once a year
An employee cannot serve in two consecutive term
$$$ Monetary or time incentives
Relative to employees current salary and position Encourage employee engagement, leading to increased motivation
Events, outings, dinners not always work focussed
Annual week-long performance improvement sessions 4 different data collection methods were used... Style of Management
Style of Implementation Social Program Incentive Program Working Group Changing the Human Resource Structure Delegated HR staff for the different units
HR person a bridge between management and employees Almost half (49%) of employees are dissatisfied with the type and amount of knowledge and information sharing between management and employees. The majority (60%) of employees expressed dissatisfaction with the current quality management system. A majority (61%) of employees were also dissatisfied with the type of participation and motivation mechanisms used at Marshalls.
An overwhelming number of employees (77%) felt that their participation level was sufficient.
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