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World Poverty

BY: Estella Gastaldon & Ruri Wilson

Elizabeth Harris

on 28 November 2015

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Transcript of World Poverty

Population Distribution
Afghanistan Facts
China Facts
BY: Ruri wilson & Estella Gastaldon
Madagascar Facts
The similarities between all three countries is that they all have dry cold winters and hot sunny days. Madagascar and China are coastal regions and have no land lock. All countries have a higher percentage of Adults than children and they have mostly male over female

The difference between the 3 countries are that China's life expectancy is 75 and Madagascar life expectancy is 64 where Afghanistan's life expectancy is 60.
The challenges that these 3 countries face is that they have no clean water, they have a bad reputation for money and resources and no education so other people don't want to visit or stay. 2 countries have low exports and imports except for China who has $1.56 trillion. Some of the parts in Afghanistan have water and some of the parts have none. China has no clean water for over half of the country and Madagascar has low access to clean water and over 4000 people die from no clean water.
Afghanistan's land mass is 652,225-km2 and their climate is dry, cold winters (highlands). The Lowlands are arid semiarid and it is land-locked.
The countries population is 30.55 million people that live in Afghanistan. Their capital city is Kabul, their population is 3,289,000. Their annual growth rate is 2.4%. Afghanistan's life expectancy is 60 years old.
Only 27% of Afghanistan has access to clean water,73% has no clean water or none at all. 133 people die every day from drinking unclean water. The Adult literacy rate is 43.1% male and 12.6% are female (Adults).
The G.D.P for Afghanistan is $20.31 billion, the major income percent is 35.8% income and the imports are $7.97 billion and the exports are $721 million.
The land mass of China is 9,597 million-km2 and their climate is hot and dry summers and winters are freezing cold. China is a coastal region with no land lock. China's population is 1.357 billion people and the capital city (shang-hai) population is 23,000,000. China's population density is 144.580, the annual growth rate is 5% and china's population compared to the world is 19.36%.
The life expectancy is 75 years old and around 54% of China have no clean water or any water at all, which leaves only 46% of China have access to clean water. The adult literacy rate is 95% adult and 5% of children, 98% men 93% female.
The g.d.p of china is 9.24 trillion and the imports is $1.56 trillion
Madagascar's land mass is 557,040-km2. The weather is October to May is dry and cold yet April to November is colder with hot,Rainy mornings.
The weather is October to May is dry and cold yet April to November is colder with hot,Rainy mornings. The population in Madagascar is 22.92 million and the population of Antananarivo (Main Country) is 1,391,433.The density is 41.0 and the annual growth rate is 2.8%.
Afghanistan's life expectancy is 64 years old.11.7km2 of Madagascar don't have access to clean and over 4000 people die from no clean water. 88% of Afghanistan don't have access to clean water.
In Madagascar there are 80% of Adults and there are 20% of children
The G.D.P growth rate of Madagascar is 1% and the imports for Madagascar is $3.34 billion. The exports for Madagascar is $2.21 billion.
Paragraph 3
People need to open a charity, donate resources and money because Afghanistan and Madagascar are a country in need.The solution to this problem is to donate imports to these 3 countries and the government will help these countries by helping them to have money and clothes. The people who help these poor countries are red cross and Caritas.
Over 650 million people die from no water or safe water.
2.3 billion people don't have access to sanitation.
500 billion of children die because of no clean water.
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