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Cake Decorator

No description

Ashton Radcliffe

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of Cake Decorator

Cake Decorator
In this presentation about the amazing profession of cake decorating, you will learn the basic information of, what cake decorating really is, the daily routine of a cake decorator, education requirements and skills,and the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!! Enjoy...
What is Cake Decorating?
Cake decorating is one of the "sugar
Arts"of using icings (like fondant), frosting, and other edible decorative elements to make plain cakes look more eye appealing and intriguing .
What does a cake decorator do?
"A Cake decorator is a culinary professional that is responsible for turning a simple cake into a mountain of confectionery perfection."-The Art Career project.com
Cake decorators usually work in places like bakeries, cake shops, wedding environments and very common, entrepreneurial businesses which they run a company and take care of EVERYTHING!!!
On the job...
On the job work would sometimes involve making cakes themselves from scratch and decorating them, but more commonly, the decorator would just be responsible for decorating the cake to perfection. By using many different tools, icing tips, edible materials and a skilled hand, the task at hand will be completed and AMAZING!!!

For many people, the taste of the cake is only as good as the decorated icing on the cake!
We hope that you all enjoyed this presentation, and learn a lot from it too.
Thank you!
Education Requirements
As Fascinating as the profession is, there is actually no degree for cake decorating. So, Students would have to get a culinary arts degree from the desired school, or have the option to take on decorating seminars . With the certificate classes, it usually takes 3- 6 months to obtain a certificate
On a typical day, a cake decorator would start off with some sort of a meeting with a client to find out their desired design. Then the decorator would draw sketches of the imagined finished product for the client. From there the Cake decorator will then begin shaping and decorating the cake with different types of icings ranging from fondant to butter cream and making the cake go beyond the clients expectations.
Many cake decorators are open to creating all different types of attractive cakes, and should have a good eye for little details. First, a layer of frosting or fondant is spread onto the cake. Icing can be piped onto the cake to create designs, frosting, flowers, words and other visually appealing elements. Other decorative items like real flowers, candy and plastic toys can also be added as well. An airbrushing tool and food coloring can also be used to create unusual effects on cake icing as well. Using all of these professional skills result in an amazing and delicious cake!!
An example of 3 post-secondary schools with this culinary arts course are:
-George Brown College

-Le Cordon Bleu

-NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)

(Edmonton, Alberta)
Slide show time!!!!!
For the people that are all about the Money$, Money$, Money$, This is the slide for you. In this Career the average hourly rate right now in Canada is: $10.60-$18.35
And the total Canadian yearly pay ranges from... $21,962- $38,871
The the mid-17th century, the first cakes were small "sweet breads" commonly made from flour, eggs, fat, sugar,and a leavening agent. Vanilla and fruit were also used in batches as well. Also, around this same to me, bakers began to make and add icings and frosting to the cakes. Today, decorated cakes are often used for special occasions and milestones, like Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, retirements, graduations, new family additions, etc. Many people also get decorated cakes for certain Holidays as well.
Cake decorators must have great creativity, steady hands, concentration, patience and dedication. Also, cake decorating is all about art and imagination. When decorating a cake, you most often use sculpting, molding and stencils to get perfect results. The pictures on the left show a few cakes made with cake stencils. The pictures on the right show cake molds and a cake sculpture.
Cake Decorators
Throughout the occupation of Cake Decorative there are many different people that have huge recognition for the amazing talent they have in cake decorating. To name ten, there is Fernada Abraca in California, Debbie Goard also in California, Kaysie Lackey in Washington, Madison Lee Barricelli, Joelle Mahoney, Lisa Mansour who are all placed in New York, Lucy Martin and Eva Salazar in Florida, Dawn Parrott in Texas, Joshua John Russsel in Atlanta, and of course in New Jersey we have the AMAZING Buddy Valastro or better known as the "cake boss".
Fernada Abraca
Debbie Goard
Kaysie Lackey
Madison Lee Barricelli
Joel Mahoney
Lucy Martin
Lisa Mansour
Dawn Parrot
Joshua John Russel
Eva Salazar
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