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The Yugoslavia-Albania border dispute 1921

No description

Kourtni Aaron

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of The Yugoslavia-Albania border dispute 1921

The Yugoslavia-Albania border dispute 1921

By: Elizabeth Aaron and Riley Benedetto
In the same year the League dealt with problems in
Upper Silesia
it was confronted with open warfare between Yugoslavia and Albania
The border between Albania and Yugoslavia remained in dispute after the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, and Yugoslavian forces occupied some Albanian territory
A success of the League
Following ongoing disputes between the two countries over territory on their border, Yugoslav troops entered Albanian territory in
November 1921
The League of Nations sent a commission, made up of representatives from Britain, France, Italy and
, to investigate the cause of the disagreement
On the basis of the commission's recommendations, the League of Nations found in favor of

complained bitterly
, but had no alternative but to withdraw its troops

War was again prevented!
Question One
Yugoslav troops entered Albanian territory in November 192.
Question Two
The League of Nations sent representatives from all of these countries except
A. Britain
B. France
C. China
D. Italy
Question Three
The League of Nations found favor in Yugoslavia.
Question Four
How did Yugoslavia react to the League of Nations decision?
A. Refused, started the Yugoslav-Albanian war
B. Complained bitterly, but withdrew troops
C. Delighted, formed peace treaty
D. Didn't care, weren't quiet sure why they invaded in the first place

Question Five
The League of Nations dealt with problems in which country that same year?
A. Memel
B. Mosul
D. Upper Silesia
Hint: Goal of the League of Nations
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