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Smarter or Stronger?

No description

Mark Dressman

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Smarter or Stronger?

Would You Rather be Smarter or Stronger? Smarter? Stronger? I could spend more hours of the day investing in the people God has placed around me. I already have the capability to improve my intelligence at my own pace. I have no need to be smarter, but I am a small person and could really use the extra strength for self-defense purposes. I'd get a much more significant increase than if I opted for the physical increase. Let's face it, I'm all too evenly matched with a wet bag of flour in a fight... at least if I boosted my brains I could get something done with them. Intelligence can alienate people; superior physical abilities would allow me to be much more sociable, cool, and attractive. Knowledge is power in this society, and I would use my increased knowledge to spread information and research new findings in the health field, making taking a pill to become physically gifted unnecessary. I would much rather have an interesting conversation and use my intelligence to improve the world than be stronger. I would rather be stronger, because based on public opinion I am too analytical for my own good, and I don't necessarily need a pill to encourage this. Being more intelligent would probably only make me weep more, but at least I'd understand the universe on a deeper level. To have the strength to have better lung capacity and muscle in my hands would make me a better musician. Becoming smarter is the better option because with higher thinking capabilities I can find better, more efficient ways of making my body healthier and stronger. I find strength to be more useful and through using my gift I can gain more perception of the world through interactions with people. Everything, from the simple, mundane tasks of paying bills to the building of rockets for NASA all involve intelligence. As a skinny guy, brute strength has never been something that I've been able to enjoy.
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