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Target Canada Company Audit

No description

Nicole Hagar

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Target Canada Company Audit

Social Media Presence
LinkedIn has an official page of the company representing both Canada and the United States. My suggestions to improve that is to have two different pages representing each country and have news that is more recent than just "2 days ago".
Find them at:
Target, like Instagram, has lots of good photos of it's construction from Zellers stores to Target stores and beautiful store pictures inside and outside.
Google Videos
Target is quite a relevant topic on Google videos for a number of reason. Target has many video's on their website that shows on Google Videos regarding educational support for college students and career areas for Target Corporate.

Target seems to stay relevant in such aggresive market from their great deals in the holidays.
Technorati is a publisher advertising platform that serves as an advertising solution for the thousands of websites in its network. Unfortunately Target does not use this website for their Brand.

If they did use this it would help their company get more views.
Delicious is a social media tool that saves, organizes, and discovers interesting links on the internet.

When a user searches "Target", many articles will appear that have been bookmarked. They only issue found with this is that some irrelevant information will appear not pertaining to the Target store, which can be confusing.
Target currently does not have a MySpace.
Digg is a news aggregator with an editorially driven front page, aiming to select stories specifically for the Internet audience such as science, trending political issues, and viral Internet issues.

Since these are the issues they are mainly covering, Target is not the a common article that pops up from the search.
Target has no evident profile on Tumblr. There are lots of posts about Target generating from people who work at Target and shop there.
Target is tagged in many posts ranging from humor, to fashion, to home decor, to jokes. However nothing has originated from Target as an official company user or page.
Target Canada officially joined YouTube on August 22nd, 2012. Currently, they have 4 094 subscribers and a growing 7,687,244 views on their uploaded videos.
Target is extremely active on Pinterest with many boards and pins! They love posting items they have in store and right now they are blowing up their Pinterest with Christmas gifts, decorations, goodies and more!

The official Target page has 240,663 followers but there are also many other Pinterest boards and pinners with much information, ideas, job profiles etc. all relating to Target!
We were very surprised to find the amount of content on Reddit that we did!

There was a lot of commentary on deals that Target currently has however Target as an official page has no postings directly to Reddit. It is primarily consumers and customers posting the commentary.
Target has huge presence on twitter making them socially aware on a constant basis.
Target’s twitter account shows giveaways and prizes. Also, Target gives great ideas for décor, holiday tips, and also special deals. Target retweets their fans pictures and shows great new collection of their products.

Target’s official twitter page has 149,000 followers, which is growing everyday.

Target has a great online presence on Facebook. They have
a total of 1,363,954 and counting likes, with a total of 7408 views on their page.

Target does an excellent job at continuously updating their
website for its followers. This includes frequent updates on deals, community involvement, and home improvements.
All About Target Canada!
Organization Name:
Target Canada
Mark Schindele
Upscale discount retailer
stores located in Canada

We separated and analyzed 4 social media sites each. We each visited our
sites to determine the presence that Target Canada had. We analyzed the top 18 social media sites and majority of our research could be determined on the actual social media websites. We each looked at Target's presence, how often the posted, what they are posting etc.

Group # 1
Target Company Audit
Target has a fairly good presence on Instagram. We found that Target posted very frequently and currently their Instagram is filled with holiday posts!

Target has also gained a presence on Instagram thanks to the people who post and hashtag with Target. It has accumualted a variety of posts all tagged as Target.
They make regular uploads onto their channel. To meet the
needs of all Canadians, they offer videos in both English and French. Their uploads include: commercials, a variety of tutorials, fashion shows, and company information.
Check out this YoutTube video on Target Canada!
Target's Wikipedia page has a good amount of the store brand's history, despite being a site that everybody can edit.
Online Giveaways
Target Canada has a total of 1 364 308 likes on Facebook, but to much surprise, only 7415 visits on the actual page. Based on this fact, Target is not getting the volume and traffic that it's page deserves. This is why the first recommendation would be to gain volume by implementing online giveaways. This would most definitely get the more likes and visits by Canadians, increasing the recognition the page deserves. Below is a great example of a Facebook post that Target Canada could use:
Alex from Target!
Do you know who Alex from Target is?
He is a 16 year old boy, and a Target employee, and an overnight sensation! Check out this video to learn about the "Alex from Target" phenomenon!
Podcasts/ Videos
We have some recommendations that we believe can improve the business’s awareness and create more future consumers.

Target can host podcasts or YouTube videos, regarding new products, new trends and what great deals the stores have. Certain videos could be uploaded regarding the location of where the consumer resides in. Another idea would be to have promoted videos on various social media accounts, showing what social responsibilities are being taken by Target Canada.

This would show how much they do for the consumers, in our society and even on a global scale.
IceRocket is a social media website that uses its seach engine to look up real-time blogs.

When searching "Target Canada" in the search all engine, some relevant posts will appear, but a lot of irrelevant information will appear. If a user wanted to find info on Target Canada, it will definatley take time to find exactly what they're looking for.
Target has been around for years and throughout history has changed and molded into the store we know today!

Target had department store roots in the early 1900s founded by George Draper Dayton. It evolved and led to the opening of the first Target store in 1962 and on into the present in Canada.

Target plans to have 133 stores in Canada by the end of this year and 150 stores by 2017.

Target Canada has had a very rough go opening in Canada "I’m not happy with our performance in Canada today" (Mark Schindele, Target Canada president.)
Each store in Canada employs approximately 150-200 team members.

Target is focused on convenient shopping at competitive discount prices. Today, Target remains committed to providing a one-stop shopping experience for guests by delivering differentiated merchandise and outstanding value with its Expect More. Pay Less® brand promise.
Why hasn't USA Targets taken advantage of this sensation? We recommend Target Canada jump on this opportunity and start a social media Ad campaign based around "Alex from Target".

We suggest doing a campaign involving pictures, posts, videos and a Canadian tour meet and greets in Target stores across Canada! Not only will it generate huge buzz in the online world but it will get customers into stores! When there is a buzz around a specific store it can almost guarantee profits to increase.

This campaign would target teenage girls so why not advertise store items marketed to teens? Also not to mention the product lines within Target that could be started based around Alex.

Target should recognize this opportunity and create advertisements and posts as followed:

The Alex from Target Campaign!
Ad made by Katrina Wieczorek
Overall, Target had a fairly good social media presence. Target Canada is new and coming so it was missing on a few sites but we imagine over time Target Canada will make a separate profile to differentiate from the USA Targets. We found that Target gained a huge amount of popularity from others posting about their company. Much of this was very positive posts with Target being the topic. Target is getting a positive social media presence without having to really work at it!

On the pages that Target Canada does have a professional company profile, the upkeep is excellent with current, trendy, themed posts. Target Canada still has a lot to do though in order to catch up with USA Target's online presence. Plus, the opportunities that target has to improve on their Social Media Presence is endless!
Target Fast Facts!
Target has:
1,801 stores in the United States
133 stores in Canada
37 distribution centers in the United States
3 distribution centers in Canada
366,000 team members worldwide
global locations in India

Target guests:
Median age of 40
Median household income of approx. $64K
Approximately 43% have children at home
About 57% have completed college
The first Target store opened in 1962 in the Minneapolis suburb of Roseville, Minn., with a focus on convenient shopping at competitive discount prices.

The place to be: Target’s headquarters is already up and running in Mississauga, where 60 other Fortune 500 companies have either global or Canadian headquarters—including Microsoft, Citibank and Hewlett Packard.

Target is teaming up with Sobeys, a century-old Canadian company, for grocery distribution, and will be working with more local vendors to deliver the best guest experience in Canadian retail
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