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Dicto Simpliciter

No description

Sara Ramirez

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Dicto Simpliciter

Dicto Simpliciter Dicto Simpliciter:
This is the fallacy of making a sweeping statement and expecting it to be true of every specific case– in other words, stereotyping, a general rule which is treated as universally true, regardless of the circumstances: a sweeping generalization. 'Dicto Simpliciter means an argument based on an unqualified generalization. For example: 'Exercise is good. Therefore everybody should exercise.' Exercise is good is an unqualified generalization. For instance, if you have heart disease,
exercise is bad not good. You must qualify the generalization.
You must say exercise is usually good, or exercise is good for most people.
Otherwise you have committed a Dicto Simpliciter. The Scarlet Letter The towns people believed Hester Pryne was a horrible person because of the sin she had committed. The towns people also believe that Hester was proud of her sin because she had embroidered the letter in gold. "the child shall be well cared for!-far better than thou canst do it." il
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