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Math Quest (Softball)

No description

Marisa Hall

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Math Quest (Softball)

Math Quest (Softball Pitching)
How Softball Pitching Relates to Math.
Softball pitching has a unique set of attributes that enable interesting mathematical analysis. These attributes result from specfic aspects of the game softball,such as the size of the ball,the distance from the pitcher's mound to the batter and the distinct windmill windup that many pitchers use.
To measure the reaction time, the only required inputs are speed of the pitch and the distance of the batter. In female pro. softball, the distance from the pitcher's mound to the plate is 43 feet. In softball, a very good fastball can be measured at 70 miles per hour. Now that's fast!
Mathematical calculations describe physical process in discrete terms. This allows us to accurately measure different aspects of softball pitching. For example, math enables a calculation of reaction time for different pitchers.
Another set of mathematical measurements benefits the health of a softball pitcher. In female pro. softball, more pitchers use a windmill style windup, instead of the typical overhand throw that most baseball players use. Measurement of the arm angles during a pitch reveals that windmill style windups extends the upper arm away from the shoulder at an average angle of 156 degrees. Now that's high!
How do you compare math with softball?
Each base path is 60 feet long; there are four base paths; what is the total distance around the bases one time? 60 x 4= 240 feet. At the end of the game scored between the teams? (23 +17) /2 23+17= 40. 40 / 2 =20 runs.
Credits go to:Wordle.org
Google.com, Prezi.com, and me!
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