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The Bombing of 'The Twin Towers'

No description

Elisa Mansour

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of The Bombing of 'The Twin Towers'

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli People still believe that
Muslims are terrorist
because people do not
know what is under their
burka What were some of the
long term effects ? Border security They have started to X-ray
people's bags to check the
contents They are also choosing
people at random to test
the for weapons or drugs
held on them. Airport security staff have
now taken to making
people walk through metal
detectors Health Many people who were the
1st responders of the
bombing have chronic
bronchitis 25500 people
asthma symptons Psychological
Distress Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder 61000 individuals
developed Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder Symptoms Rose to 19%- 5%
increase Asbestos poisoning Asbestosis is
a cancer
caused by asbestos Breathing in these toxins
can cause lung cancer and
deadly mesothelioma After the attack
asbestos fibers were released into
the air The USA Troops are still
fighting in Afghanistan What were some of the
short term effects What were some of the
short term effects Patriotic Act increased
government surveillance
powers The USA went to war in
Afghanistan against !
Al-Qaida terrorist People started to suspect
Muslims as being terrorist What was happening
around the world at this
time President George W. Bush
was the President of the
United States of America About event It killed 2750 people This event occurred on
Tuesday, 9th of
September, 2001 Two planes hit the World
Trade Centre buildings The planes hit at 8:46 and
the second at 10:28 There were four planes
that we hijacked One hit the
Pentagon One crashed
in a field Two hit the
twin towers The towers They were 110
stories high The Twin towers in the
World Trade Centre were
two of the largest office
buildings in New York They hosted many large
Western companys
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