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Untitled Prezi

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Ami Taylor

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

One of the main reasons we want to be healthy by staying active is to avoid few of the risks of inactivity:
-Premature Death
-Heart Disease
-Obesity... etc.
Another of these main reasons we always want to stay healthy by being active is to fulfill the goal of gaining these few things:
-Balanced Regular Energy
-Maintaining Normal Body Weight
-Healthier and Happier Lifestyle.
How is easy. Start with some simple things like walking more. You can do that by
parking farther away from the grocery store, in it's perimeter parking space and/ or maybe use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
Basics of Fitness
60 minutes a day is all you need to get on track to living a healthy life!
it's always good to keep a bottle of body temperature water with you to stay hydrated.
always take breaks! Your body is only able to handle what it can until it's used to more exercise.
remember to have lots of fun!
1. Introduction
2. Basics of Fitness
3. Who?
4. What?
5. Where?
6. When?
7. Why?
8. How?
9. Time needed depends on Effort
10. Summary
11. Credits
12. Thank You / Any Questions?
I want to help, as many teens possible, from the age 12-17, get on track to living a healthier life!
There are 4 categories that will be helpful to your choosing of activities.
Flexibility, Balance, Strength and Endurance
1. Remember, 60 minutes, Water, BREAKS, and lots of FUN!
When you exercise, you breathe in oxygen; it helps you move more smoothly and effectively.
How can we Spread the message, that it is Easy to stay Healthy, by making simple choices everyday?
Table of Contents
One of the ways to modify your life and make it healthier, happier and more active is to exercise.
Everyone! There is no person, that is alive on this earth that can't exercise.
From toddlers to adults, or in this case us teens of the age 12-17 can all be apart of helping one another as well as ourselves get healthy by exercising.
Even if you didn't get the chance to exercise outside, you nevertheless got the exercise you needed, as long as YOU feel satisfied.
Organize lunch hour to play sports such as kickball, soccer or basketball to get some extra exercise into your day.
When you exercise, you spend less time on your electronics and games. You can also get exercise and help your parents by cleaning, bringing in groceries and helping them with gardening work.
Bending, stretching and dancing to music on a small electronic device are the little things you are able to do anywhere you go!
When you have extra time- a day off school, a club cancellation or a day off work, if of course you have a job, you are able to put some extra exercise into your daily routine.
Schedules are a good way to stay organized, especially when we we are the most lazy/tired- weekends.
Not all of your exercise has to be vigorous. 60 minutes of any day and at anytime is all that's required of you.
4+6+8= Time needed Depends on Effort
2. Everyone can exercise!
3. There are a variety of activities that you can do to match your fitness level and needs.
4. You can exercise inside, outside, at school, at home and ANYWHERE!
5. You can exercise whenever you have free time or work it into your daily routine. Gym, after school sports clubs, or just simply walking home from school.
6. It is good to exercise to avoid risks associated with inactivity.

7. How? It's easy! Start small and gradually increase the amount and intensity of your exercise.

1. Me - Anthia Innes
Demonstrator / Actress Extraordinaire

2. My Brother - Taylor Innes
Assistant / Actor / Camera Operator #1

3. My Mom - Maxine Innes
Assistant / Camera Operator #2
Thank you very much!!
Get Active and stay Healthy!!
Any Questions?
Now that we know lots more than before about exercise, we can start living healthier and happier. we can help our fellow family members and close friends by teaching them what we know and use.
How can we spread the message that it is easy to stay healthy by making simple choices everyday?:
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