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INJUSTICE (by: Kamal A. Allan)

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Kamal A. Allan

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of INJUSTICE (by: Kamal A. Allan)

Move from being an OBSERVER to be a PARTICIPANT in solution finding IDENTITY HUMANITY INJUSTICE JUSTICE Injustice anywhere is a threat to Injustice anywhere Injustice anywhere justice everywhere All of our survival is tied to the survival of everyone. DIGNITY Basic human dignity must be respected by law the worst thing we’ve ever done The power of identity Create the right kind of identity The right kind of identity can make you say things to the world around you, that they don’t actually belive makes sense The right kind of identity can get people to do things that they don’t think they can do But our identity is at risk Before we
BREAK the SILENCE Do the right thing,
even when the right thing
is the hard thing Need to be more hopeful, more committed, more dedicated to the basic challenges of living in a complex world We have a world's system of justice
that treats
the powerful and guilty
much better than
the weak and innocent. We don’t like to talk about our history And there is this stunning silence And we seem to be very comfortable with that Somehow we can insulate ourselves from this problem Do we deserve to kill? Our humanity depends on everyone’s humanity Our visions of
technology, design, entertainment & creativity
have to be married with visions of
humanity, compassion and justice. Society's character is not judged by how they treat their rich and the powerful and the privileged, but by how they treat Pay attention to suffering, to poverty, to exclusion, to unfairness, to injustice Care about human right and basic dignity We cannot be fully human Each of us is more than COMPASSION HUMANITY JUSTICE Our humanity depends on everyone’s humanity Keep your eyes
on the Prize,
hold on And always
remember the poor, the condemmed, the incarcerated. Our , too. By: Kamal A. Allan
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