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Stars,What In The World Are They

No description

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Stars,What In The World Are They

Red Dwarf Stars
Blue Giant stars
Blue stars are the warmest stars, so they die the quickest.
A blue star is extremely bright, kind of like a light house.
A blue star is extremely rare, but are the easiest to find because of their bright light.
When these stars die, they blow up into supernova.
The "yellow" star is the second coolest star.
When these star are about to die, they swell up, then blow up into nebula.
In about 5 billion years, the sun will blow up into nebula.
Finally, the stars are not
, they are really white.
Red dwarf stars are the coolest stars... LITERALLY!
They are also very small, so they burn fuel very slowly. This means they live longer than other stars. .
Red dwarf stars are the most common stars, but you can barely see them at night because they make so little light.
A star is a huge sphere, blinding held together by its own gravity.
Stars can be
" and
The sun is not the biggest
nor warmest. Scientist already found 100 to 200 times bigger and warmer.
What you've all been waiting for... THE SUN!!!
The Sun was born in a vast cloud of gas and dust around 5 billion years ago.
The sun has cooler spots, these are called sun spots. Yet these are cooler spots, it's still much to hot to explore.
During periods of high solar activity, the sun normally releases large amounts of gas and plasma, creating a solar flare.
Whew, sure is hot!!!
I hope you liked learning about stars. I had the help of my wonderful classmates, my wonderful gifted teacher, my family and principal.

Thank you ALL!!!
More Facts
Dead super giant stars/blue giant stars often turn into black holes.
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