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Child Labour

It's about child labour

arjune gireedharan

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Child Labour

Child Labour Child labour happens
in Guana, India, Pakistan, Grenada, Labanon, and
China. Child labourers can't enjoy life the way you and I can, they have to work 10 to 20 hours or even 24 hours. All they get fed for their hard work is left overs. Should this happen? Types of Child labour
Bonded labour
Domestic service
Slavery Facts 248 million children are child
22,00 children died
73 million children are under 10 Why do people force children to
work? Easy people want money, they are greedy
and vicous, they trick children so that they
can make alot of mony. Are you wearing any of these? They
came from child labour. Health hazzards Unsanitary conditions
Death from lifting heavy laods that
can fall on you. The End
Thank you!
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