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Life of Pi: A Hero's Journey

No description

Biggie Stahls

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Life of Pi: A Hero's Journey

Life of Pi
A Hero's Journey Introduction: Pi, a sixteen year old, who questions his religious practices. The odd man out at school, Pi was constantly being teased. The kids kept calling him ‘Pissing’ so he abbreviated his name from Piscine to Pi. Father owned a zoo which intrigued Pi. Pi was never the most intelligent than other kids however he was eager to learn. The Call to Adventure: Dad says they will sail like Columbus! He wants his kids to have a better life so he made the decision to sell the Zoo and move to Canada. Refusal of the Call: Pi wants to live at home. Pi claims that Columbus was looking for India, not Canada. Crossing the Threshold: Pi reluctantly leaves India. He hopes his father is right and that he'll find a better life. Tests, Allies and Enemies: Survived the shipwreck, now just on a life boat BUT he has company. Orangutang, zebra, hyena, Richard Parker (a Bengal tiger! The Ordeal: It's ironic
that the one who didn’t want to leave in the first place, is now the only survivor of the shipwreck. Running out of food, storm comes by and tosses his food away forcing Pi to go against his vegan ways The Reward: Trains Mr Parker enough that he won’t eat him. The God(s) reward Pi for surviving so long that from the storm he arrives at this mysterious leader. All of the meerkats admire his doing as they stop and stare. The island provides him with a warning though that if he were to stay there he’d
be good as dead (tooth in fruit). Island that was used in the movie "Life of Pi" The Road Back: 227 days later his boat
arrives at Mexico, he stumbles on the island
where Mr Parker leaves him.
Did Mr Parker actually
leave him? Or was it just
Pi’s aggression leaving
him because Pi knew if
his aggression stayed with
him he wouldn’t be able to
enjoy/love life. The Resurrection: Spent his time recovering back in the hospital where he tells two journalists what happens and he tells the animal story first then he tells and then he’s forced to tell the human one after. Which is the true story? That’s for us to decide. Return with the Elixir: Pi fulfills his dad's Columbus speech by moving to Canada. This brings us to the beginning of the book. Pi talking to an author who wants to write his story. Campbell Stahlbaum
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