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Chubbies Shorts

No description

kevork adjoian

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Chubbies Shorts

Chubbies Shorts
Marketing Program - 4P's
Market-Product Focus
a. Marketing and Product Objectives
b. Target Market
c. Points of Difference
d. Positioning
a. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
b. Industry Trends
c. Competitors
d. Company
e. Customer

Market Research
Chubbies Shorts
and Threats
Strengths and Weaknesses
Marketing and
Product Objectives
Target Market
Points of Difference
Market Product Focus
Marketing Program - 4P's
-Appeal to the college-age male market.
-Generate customer loyalty based on the Chubbies Shorts’ mission, “We do shorts and only shorts.”
-Customer loyalty should come from more than the market segment we produce products for.
-Reach new market segments of consumers and make them want to purchase Chubbies product as gifts for our target market.
-Target customer is between the ages of 15 and 30.

-Appeal to the college-age male who’s attracted to the vibe that their clothing, website and app all portray.

-Founded on the idea that shorts should rule all clothing options and that the shorter the shorts, the better.

- Age range targeted are part of Generation Y whose “members are interested in distinctive, memorable, and personal experiences and are very adept at managing their lives to create a work–life balance” (P. 68, Chapter 3).

-The personal experience that Chubbiesshorts.com provides is also emulated in the Chubbies Shorts App.
Promotion Strategy
Online Web Page
Site-Wide Discounts
Place (distribution)
Online Web Page
Many designs
Unique product quality
- The name “Chubbies” reflects the elastic waistbands that expand – just like people’s waistlines do from time to time.

- Almost all of the shorts that Chubbies produces are at that 5½inch inseam mark. This length bares the thighs-out-skies-out mentality and creates enough of a novelty in its branding to attract a following of thigh bearers.

- Key external and favorable factor, which lies in its product innovations of styles of shorts that change almost weekly. The famous “M’ericas”, Chubbies Shorts’ signature, American flag-print shorts are almost always sold out online.

- Other product innovations such as swimsuits, cotton shorts, and “The Classics” have also sold out almost immediately after their release.
Range $35 - 80
Comparable to competitors
Reflects quality
- To increase brand potential for penetrating new market segments, Chubbies Shorts has pursued social media campaigns and the use of its App, “Chubbies Shorts”, as advertising avenues.
- Chubbies is employing Adroll.com, an online advertising agency that utilizes new technologies to increase their clients’ return on investment in advertising.
- The technology allows single advertisements to remember what items the shopper has clicked on in the past and highlights those items in thumbnails on the side of the social networking site.
- The App, “Chubbies Shorts” is the only other place to purchase the shorts.
- When items are added to the shopping cart by the user and left there, those same items can be offered along with others at a discounted rate later on.
- Some products are offered for early release for users of the App exclusively, offering increased incentive for online shoppers to download and use the App over simply shopping on their computer.
- Both placements offer the experience to the consumer that the targeted market segment (Generation Y) seek in shopping for clothing.
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