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1984, George Orwell Writing Style

No description

Jaiden Ellerbee

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of 1984, George Orwell Writing Style

1984, George Orwell Writing Style
"BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, the caption beneath it ran"
- This quote is a great example of Orwell's writing style throughout the novel
“Something crashed on to the bed behind Winston’s back. The head of a ladder had been thrust through the window and had burst in the frame. Someone was climbing through the window. There was a stampede of boots up the stairs. The room was full of solid men in black uniforms, with ironshod boots on their feet and truncheons in their hands. Winston was not trembling any longer. Even his eyes he barely moved. One thing alone mattered; to keep still, to keep still and not give them an excuse to hit you! A man with a smooth prize-fighter’s jowl in which the mouth was only a slit paused opposite him balancing his truncheon meditatively between thumb and forefinger. Winston met his eyes. The feeling of nakedness, with one’s hands behind one’s head and one’s face and body all exposed, was almost unbearable.” (Orwell, Page 280)

- Throughout this passage, Orwell doesn't try to use long, intricate sentences with words you won't understand.
Throughout the novel, Orwell uses a particular writing style that enhances the imagery and themes throughout the novel.
War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength
With this short quote, we see what Harry Hardaker was explaining in his article on George Orwell, 1984 George Orwell, and his writing styles and techniques he used in many of his novels but more specifically, 1984.

He talks about the short sentences mentioned and gave examples on, the amount of detail he uses throughout, and the type of words he uses.
All in all, Orwell's techniques include, but are not limited to, his short, bleak sentences, his extensive amount of detail, his use of allegory, and the vocabulary he chose to use throughout the novel
“A man stooped to obey. The cockney accent had disappeared; Winston suddenly realized whose voice
it was that he had heard a few moments ago on the telescreen. Mr Charrington was still wearing his old velvet jacket, but his hair, which had been almost white, had turned black. Also he was not wearing his spectacles. He gave Winston a single sharp glance, as though verifying his identity, and then paid no more attention to him. He was still recognizable, but he was not the same person any longer. His body had straightened, and seemed to have grown bigger. His face had undergone only tiny changes that had nevertheless worked a complete transformation. The black eyebrows were less bushy, the wrinkles were gone, the whole lines of the face seemed to have altered; even the nose seemed shorter. It was the alert, cold face of a man of about five-and-thirty.”
(Orwell, page 282)
-George Orwell is the author of 1984, among other novels
By: Jaiden Ellerbee
- 1984 is a dystopian novel based in Oceania. (The America continents and the British Isles)

- 1984 is an allegory for communist societies around the world, such as Russia, Germany, etc.
- Within this novel, the people of society have absolutely no rights and are constantly being watched and punished for crazy things.
George Orwell----
- He uses short words and phrases and would prefer to be as forward as possible
- Orwell's goal is to be bleak and dull within his writing so the reader truly realizes how repressing these situations he wrote about were both in the novel and in the communist societies he allegorizes.
- Another writing technique Orwell uses is detail.
- Lots and lots of details.
- He works to create an image in your head of the scene he is describing to you in all those details.

- In this quote Orwell describes the changes Mr. Charrington has undergone from being undercover to his real self.
- Orwell still uses the short sentences as previously mentioned, but adds more and more sentences until he has accomplished describing the object or person at hand
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