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Chattenden's Mission to Oustanding

No description

Tim Muggridge

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Chattenden's Mission to Oustanding

Chattenden Primary is a Good School it will be Outstanding!
Improvement points:
Raise attainment in basic skills
Eliminate inconsistencies in teaching
Ensure that all stakeholders understand their place in a diverse society
Key Principles
Consistency and Creativity in Teaching
The Engagement of Pupils
Pupils are active partners in the school’s life and their work
Pupils participate in regular reviews of their work and progress - next steps and target setting
Play leaders, Peer Mediators and Prefects
Pupils voice - school council, appointing staff or even through a system in which they appraise the effectiveness of their teachers.
Chattenden's Mission from
Good to Outstanding...

A Personalised Curriculum
The Engagement of Pupils
Relationships with the Outside World
Consistency and Creativity of Teaching
Increased level of challenge and expectations
Disseminate best practice, CPD, PM
Marking practice more consistent to help pupils understand 'next steps.'
Challenging target setting
Learning needs to be interactive and permanent - Deep conceptual knowledge
Insistence of Excellence
Mind Sets of Improvement...
"Requires Improvement"
"You have to tighten up, to be good.."
"...but loosen up to become outstanding!"
A Personalised Curriculum
Progress is continuously checked and 'published'
Monitoring and data-handling systems used effectively to identify need (including EYFS)
Interventions are carefully selected for students who under-achieve
Tailored curriculum that allows each individual and cohort to strive for excellence - not the same each year.
Relationships with the Outside World
Relationships with parents and the wider local community
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