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20 Word Gist Summary using 5Ws and H

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Amy Elliott

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of 20 Word Gist Summary using 5Ws and H

Get the Gist
What is a gist?
Example gist:
Gist: the main or essential part of the matter

As we work on summarizing, a gist will be a 20 word summary that contains the most important information about a text.
To write a gist, begin by identifying the 5Ws + 1H

How do I write a gist?
How do I write a gist? (continued)
Take the information you have in your 5Ws + 1H chart, and turn it into a 20 word summary.

Why does this help me summarize?

When you only get 20 words, then you HAVE
to pick only the most important information
to include in your summary. This means you are identifying the main ideas in the text while summarizing your text.
Let's try it!
Gru helps his foster daughters win a unicorn prize by burning down an amusement park’s game booth using his gun.


Gru, foster daughters (Agnes), game worker

The girls want the unicorn; they lose the game, try again, lose again, and then Gru steps in to help. He blows up the game .

A sunny day
Amusement park
Agnes wants the unicorn. Game is rigged. Worker is rude.
Gru blows up the game with his laser gun.
Now... let's turn this information into a
20 word gist.
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