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Period 1 - PBS/NOVA: Car of the Future

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Heather1 Fogell

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Period 1 - PBS/NOVA: Car of the Future

Team 1 – Hydrogen Fuel
Video Focus Questions

a. What type of emissions do hydrogen fuel cells create?
Hydrogen, Oxygen, & Electricity that fuels the car

b. What are the dangers of using hydrogen as a fuel?
If hydrogen escapes the tank it could be dangerous

c. What would be the challenge for the United States if it were to convert to hydrogen-fueled vehicles?
Have to transition all of the cars.

Video Notes:
Ice land is helping in the testing of the hydrogen fuel. The transition to hydrogen fuel could take up to 50 years.

Team 2 – Ethanol Fuel
Video Focus Questions

a. Why do critics claim it takes more energy to make ethanol than the amount of energy you get out of it?
Due to the processing needed to get Methanol from corn.

b. What is cellulosic biomass, and why is it important in the quest to use ethanol as an alternative fuel?

c. How are bacteria involved in the production of ethanol?

Video Notes:

Team 3 – Vehicle Engineering
Video Focus Questions

a. How much of the energy stored in gasoline is lost through friction?
62% of the energy stored in gasoline is lost through friction.

b. Does a car have to be heavy in order to be safe? Explain.
NO , the car does not have to be heavy in order to be safe because carbon fiber composites cars can be lightweight while still being safe.

c. Why would it be difficult for large automakers to produce cars with carbon-fiber bodies?
Because carbon fiber is expensive.

Video Notes:

Team 4 – Hybrid & Electric Cars
Video Focus Questions

a. How does a hybrid car work?
- A combination of an internal combustion engine and a battery electric drive system.

b. How can solar energy help fuel hybrid cars?
The combination of solar power , hybrid, and batteries compliments one another.

c. Name one drawback of all-electric vehicles.
Battery life is limited between charges.

Video Notes:

You will be assigned to 1 of 4 Teams.
View video clip that corresponds to their group.
Answer the 3 questions related to the video
Keep notes on any other important information from the video.
Meet with the others from your group to check answers.
Discuss what information should be shared from your video.
Put that information onto this Prezi.
Use the class Prezi to complete the remainder of the worksheet.
Period 1
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