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Wylie's Rainbow Jar

business idea about home-made rainbow cake in Jar. Ideal for gift, picnic, birthday souvenir, baby shower, etc

Stephanie Hadi

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Wylie's Rainbow Jar

Rainbow Cake in Jar Why Rainbow cake in Jar? Target Market: Wylie's Rainbow Jar Concepts - I know "rainbow" it sounds gay. Remember colors are attractive and increase people appetite !
- Easy. Because less effort for decorating cakes
- Use Jar to increase efficiency in food production, less messy and Pretty packaging !
- Easy for people to carry the cakes - People who have an event
- So they will order in a bulk !
- We can sell it at church
- Any kind of gender, age can enjoy it
- Family with busy schedule Great for people who have busy lifestyles !

"Dessert on the road"
- People can enjoy in anywhere they like
- Great individual serving portions

The new innovation to eat dessert anytime and anywhere !! Convenience Profitable:

- Fit for any occasions
such as Valentine's day, wedding, baby showers, Christmas gift, Souvenirs, etc

- Prevent food loss; we produce according to # of orders

- Low ingredients cost and easy to find food sources Simple



Elegant So, we package in small jam jar with a little nice accessories (ex: attached image), also:

- Name of the brand
- attach a tag which consists of contact person and "Message, slogan or could be custom" Marketing, Labeling and Message - Design label is important to create the image of the products
- Also, it is one of tools for our promotion and marketing strategies
- Message, it is the philosophy concept about what customers experienced from your products
ex: create different experience eating dessert compare to regular cakes This is one of reference design labeling company website:
http://www.myownlabels.com/canning_labels/ Reference - Use fresh Ingredients

- Easy to prepare, cook and pretty

- Innovations

- Fit in modern lifestyles
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