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Financial aid: Things to know

No description

Emily at Financial Aid

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of Financial aid: Things to know

Financial aid: Things to know
Academic Progress
All financial aid recipients must make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward their educational objectives
Usually monitored at the end of each academic year (May)
Failure to meet SAP will result in financial aid suspension
Enrollment Status
Financial aid varies depending on how many credits you are registered for:
Full-time= 12 or more credits
¾ time = 9- 11 credits
½ time= 6-8 credits
< ½ time= 5 or less credits
Notify our office if you will be changing enrollment during a semester

Financial Aid Renewal
Must complete the FAFSA annually
File online at www.fafsa.gov
Have your data and parent data ready
Apply for scholarships each year
Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions

14-15 Awards
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Enrollment status
Financial Aid Renewal
Emily Tarring
SAP Policy requirements
Maintain a minimum UH Hilo GPA requirement
Attain a 75% completion rate for hours attempted at UH Hilo
Normal completion time
Undergraduate: 2.0

Graduate: 3.0
Completion rate
Complete and pass 75% of all hours attempted at UH Hilo
Courses with grades of F, W, I, NC and repeated courses count as hours attempted
UHH hours earned ÷ UHH Hours attempted = Completion rate
Completion rate example
BUS 100 3 credits A
PSY 100 3 credits W
COM 200 3 credits B
CS 101 3 credits F

6 earned ÷ 12 attempted = 50% completion rate

Normal completion time
Undergraduate = 160 total attempted credit hours
Graduate = 45 total attempted credit hours
Note: total attempted credit hours include transfer hours!
Normal completion time
95 hours from College of Micronesia
+12 hours from Hawaii Community College

107 total transfer hours

160 - 107 = 53 credit hours of eligibility
Plan wisely
Choose your major and stick to it
Meet with your Academic Advisor each semester before registration
Take only the courses required for your degree program
Be aware of repeat courses multiple times
Take advantage of the tuition cap
Seek help early
Apply for Scholarships!
APIASF scholarship for spring 2015
UH System Scholarships
Due March 1 of each year
Has scholarships specifically for UH Hilo students
Come check at the Fin Aid Office December- April for external scholarship applications

(808) 932-7449
Calculated using only UH Hilo classes
14-15 Awards
Full pell award:
Pac. Isl. Grant:
Tuition & fees:
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