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Saint Emma

The story of the life of a saint

Emma Ammerman

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Saint Emma

Born in Pilstanj, Slovenia
Died in 1045
Later on in her Life
Emma or Hemma was a relative of King Henry the second so she grew up in his palace. When she grew up she married Landgrave William of Friesach. They had two boys Hartwig and Wilhelm. William, her husband, owned a coal mine and the conditions were not very good so two of the workers took revenge for the bad conditions by killing Emma and Williams two sons. William was so depressed that Emma told him to take his mind off of things and to take a pilgrimage to Rome, on the way back he fell ill and died!
After Williams Death
Emma had no family left so she decided to devote her life to God. She had a lot of money from her husband's and son's death's. She decided to give most of it to the poor. She founded many religious houses. Founded a double monastery in Gurk, Austria. Founded 10 churches throughout Austria and founded the Archdiocese of Gurk, Austria and is buried there today. She was so kind that she was considered a saint during her life time.
A Brief Overview
Saint Emma
Feast day is June 27
Beatified on 21 November 1287
Canonized on the 5 of January, 1938
Has been buried in the Cathedral of Gurk, Austria since 1174
church that she founded
where she lived
Saint Emma
When to pray to her
Patron Saint of: Diocese of Gurk and Carthinia, Austria
Intercession: Child birth, and eye diseases
People make pilgrimages to go see her tomb on the fourth Sunday of Easter
Monastery in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, they are Benedictine nuns, It's called Saint Emma Monastery.
Prayer to Saint Emma
Lord, our God. You alone are holy, and nobody is good without your help. Grant that at the intercession of Saint Emma, we may model our life according to your will and attain that level of holiness which you intend for us. We ask this through Christ, or Lord.
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