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Mindset Matters: Growth Mindset 101

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Christopher Guanajuato

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Mindset Matters: Growth Mindset 101

What's my mindset?
What does a Growth Mindset School look like?
What is mindset?
What is the science?
The Three Growth Mindset Cultivating Exercises
What's your Growth Mindset Motto?
The Results
Growth Mindset
You know that you can increase your intelligence by learning, and you like a challenge. You believe that the best way to learn is to work hard, and you don’t mind making mistakes while you do it. This is what we call the “growth mindset.”

Even though you have a great foundation, there may be some areas where you could benefit from learning how to cultivate your growth mindset practices. Maybe you could use techniques to make the most of negative feedback, or explore the possibility of growth in areas that you have neglected. You might gain from strategies to boost learning and productivity. Or you might like to learn how to help others develop growth mindset thinking. You probably still have lots of ways to grow! People who believe that they can increase their intelligence through effort and challenge actually get smarter and do better in school, work, and life over time. They know that mental exercise makes their brains grow smarter—the same way that exercise makes an athlete stronger and faster. And they are always learning new ways to work smart and build their brains.

A growth mindset is something that you can continue to develop throughout life.
Fixed Mindset
Right now, you believe that your intelligence is fixed—that it doesn’t change much. On the whole, if you can’t perform perfectly, you would rather not do something. You probably think that smart people don’t have to work hard to succeed.

You are probably hard on yourself when you don't perform well. Maybe you even avoid things you would like to try because you are afraid that you may fail or look bad while trying. This may be holding you back from achieving all that you could if you put forth your best effort in all areas. For example, maybe there are things that you think you are “just not good at,” and you've cut yourself off from opportunities to learn. Maybe you give up quickly when something seems difficult. And maybe you experience a lot more stress than you would like when you feel that you are being evaluated.

Chances are that you probably have a lot more potential than you are using! People who believe that they can increase their intelligence through effort and challenge actually get smarter and do better in school, work, and life over time. They know that mental exercise makes their brains grow smarter—the same way that exercise makes an athlete stronger and faster. And they are always learning new ways to work smart and build their brains.

Your mindset is definitely something that you can change.
What is a growth mindset?
What is a growth mindset?
Intelligence is a fixed trait.
Do I look smart?
Effort is for the incapable.
Intelligence is a malleable quality, a potential that can be developed
How can I learn? (set backs are a part of growth)
Effort makes me smarter.
Kids come to us...
infinitely curious
always experimenting
always learning
tackling the most difficult tasks of a lifetime with tremendous gusto
Once you start to see your mindset,
you can start to choose your mindset.
Just a few years later...
avoiding challenges
avoiding effort
Children's mindsets can lie at the
heart of apathy, avoidance, and acting out.
Mindset is a mental filter or set of beliefs that determines one's behaviors, outlooks, and attitudes.
Mindset Spectrum
Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
Messaging Neuroplasticity
your brain's ability to grow and change over time
Why should I care?
Understanding how your brain can grow and change can help you to be more successful and perform better in school and in all other areas of your life.
Key Ideas
Your brain can change and grow with EFFORT, PRACTICE, and REPETITION.
Do not underestimate the amount of practice it will take.
Essential Questions
How do our brain's grow and change?

How does my mindset impact my achievement and that of others?

How can I change my mindset and the mindset of my students?
Our Task
I can achieve my goals over time through effective effort (working hard and working smart), which requires me to be open to and responsive to feedback.
Getting students to believe that...
How do our mindsets develop?
Academic feedback is more strongly and consistently related to achievement than any other teaching behavior. (More on this in PLCs!)
afraid of setbacks
..."the most important factor affecting student learning is the teacher..."
Wright, S. P., Horn, S. P., & Sanders, W. L. (1997). Teacher and classroom context effects on student achievement: Implications for teacher evaluation. Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education, 11, 57–67, p. 63.
What does a Growth Mindset School look like?
A Responsive Partnership
A Responsive Partnership
A Community of Learning
Teachers with
Parents with their Child(ren)
Administrators with Parents
administrators support teachers' learning.
willing to learn from each other
responsive to honest feedback, rather than defensive
seek to build their skills
collaborate with their colleagues and instructional leaders, rather than shut their classroom doors and fly solo
strive to strengthen their own practice, rather than blame others.
truly believe and expect that all students can learn and succeed- and show it.
with Teachers
enthusiastic, hard-working, persistent learners
take charge of their own success
support their children's learning both inside and outside the classroom.
A responsive
Worry less about advocating for their children to get good grades and focus on making sure kids are being challenged and put in the effort needed to grow.
A Responsive Partnership
the focus on how students are being challenged and the specific feedback that can lead students to grow
Learn and teach about the how the growth mindset is not only beneficial, but also about how it is supported by science.
Learn and teach about how to develop our abilities through deliberate practice and what makes for effective effort.
Listen and "talk back" to your fixed mindset voice with your growth mindset voice: "...yet."
What is Michael Jordan's Growth Mindset Motto?
What Growth Mindset Tenet is it based on?
Your exit slip is to create a motto, mantra, or choose a quote that not only inspires you, but also personifies a key tenet of the growth mindset.
Learning Target
I can...
frame an inspirational message by applying the three exercises for cultivating a growth mindset.
How do I cultivate my growth mindset (and that of my students)?
A Culture of Practice.
A Pursuit of Excellence.
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