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Theater of Cruelty

No description

Ray Werner

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Theater of Cruelty

By Ray Werner Theater of Cruelty Important Definitions More Definitions Background Costumes The New Function Objects, Masks, and Accessories Pictures!!! Theater of Cruelty: A form of surrealist theater originated by Antonin Artaud and emphasizing the cruelty of human existence by portraying sadistic acts and intense suffering. In English Created by Antonin Artaud, and first seen in his book Theater and it’s Double. (1938) In Antonin's own words he described the Theater of Cruelty as a function. Artaud didn’t want modern clothing that would be worn everyday. Enormous masks Metaphysical: Concerned with abstract thought or subjects, such as existence, causality, or truth.

Concerned with first principles and ultimate grounds, as being, time, or substance. In English A type of theater that tried to understand the subconscious through cruel acts and the suffering that comes with them. Basically a fancy word for people to use when they think about deep topics and want to sound smart while doing it. His idea was to create a theater that would allow the metaphysics to reenter the audiences mind. He believed that the only way to accomplish this was with cruelty at the base of every action and scene. Antonin believed that the world had become an empty shell of its self. By cruelty, he didn't mean physical torment, but rather the cruelty from the suffering it costs the actor to rip away all 'false realities' and show the audience a truth that they don't want to see. He had hoped to connect people to a more primitive and truthful part of themselves that could be found within. As part of the journey to this new connection, he also hoped to destroy the modern theater and rebuild something better and new from the ashes. “Something as localized and as precise as the circulation of the blood in the arteries or the apparently chaotic development of dream images in the brain, and this is to be accomplished by a thorough involvement, a genuine enslavement of the attention.”
- Antonin Artaud But he also didn’t want the costumes you would see in every other theater. He believed that certain age-old costumes could “Preserve a beauty and a revelational appearance from their closeness to the traditions that gave them birth”. In English He is basically saying that a unique costume can still have the beauty of the costumes that it was based off of. Anything that needed a stereotypical physical representation wouldn't be used, or would be disguised. Manikins Objects of strange proportions Antonin Artaud Example of Theatre of Cruelty Thanks for watching! Black Swan is a modern day movie that uses aspects of Theater of Cruelty. Even More Background
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