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Book of Merit: Orleans by Sherri L. Smith

No description

Ruqayyah A

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Book of Merit: Orleans by Sherri L. Smith

After a series of deadly hurricanes, each stronger than the previous one, destroys the states surrounding the Gulf of Mexico, an outbreak of a disease called "Delta Fever" and everyone is separated by blood type.
Fen de la Guerre must get her tribe leader's newborn baby over the Wall that separates the Outer States and The Delta.
Along the way, she meets Dr. Daniel Weaver, who's close to finding a cure for the Delta Fever.
The states that have been affected by the hurricanes and the Delta Fever are called The Delta.
The states unaffected are called The Outer States, and The Wall separates them.
The Delta Fever forces everyone to separate by blood type.
Because of the lack of help, everyone is on their own.
Blood Farming becomes the most common fear worse than getting the Delta Fever.
Fen de la Guerre: Fiercly determined and extremely earnest, 16-year-old Fen de la Guerre will stop at absolutely nothing to get her tribe leader's baby over the Wall so she can have a better life.

24 year old Daniel Weaver is a scientist who's brother was killed by the DF virus. He wants Fen to lead her to the Institute of Post-Separation Studies, where virus research was conducted.
Contrary to what the U.S. government thinks, the Delta is very much alive.
The use of religion can be both positive and negative.
Very impressive world building
Character development
Unexpected villains
No unnecessary romance
Orleans by Sherri L. Smith
"The camp look like Hell. All Saints' Day be starting early at the blood farm. They be cooking up a storm, a whole row of cook fires at one end of the camp. Fire after fire, and them cooks be the Devil's handmaidens, stirring pots full of souls.... Standing here seeing them faces, pale in the yellow light, maybe they ain't all human. I know we ain't human to them."

"A cool smattering of starlight filtered in ever so faintly from the gash in the ceiling of the [Super] Dome, but what it illuminated was no lye pit, no holocaustic vision of piled corpses. He turned in a slow circle, noting every row, every seat in his range of vision. Occupied. By bones."
Notable Accomplishments
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