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Killer plagues project

No description

erika steinger

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Killer plagues project

Killer plagues project
What makes killer plagues such a threat?

What makes your killer plague such a threat?
How does your killer plague spread?
Is your killer plague contagious (able to be spread from one person to another)?
This is a different question than asking how a disease began
Independent reading
exit slip
Write the page that you started on and the page that you ended on
Write three sentences summarizing what you read

killer plagues project
Do Now: Open up your journal to your symptoms paragraph. Make sure that your paragraph has each of the following:
5 sentences (topic sentence, three detail sentences, concluding sentence)
A name for your disease
Transition words
At least one vocabulary word
If your paragraph has each of the following listed above, take out your graphic organizer and make sure that it is complete. We will be working on box 2 today.
killer plagues project
Lesson EQ: What criteria makes up a killer plague?
Unit EQ: Why are killer plagues such a threat?
Do Now:
Add a vivid adjective to the following sentence:
The teacher gave the student a reward.
Add a sensory detail to the following sentence:
The colors made the painting come to life.
Use a transitional word or phrase to connect the following sentences:
She was sneezing non-stop. She had the flu.
Start brainstorming ideas for your killer plague by filling in the graphic organizer.

You may use bullet points for your outline, but you will eventually be required to translate your thoughts into paragraphs.

Once you finish your graphic organizer, you will exchange your ideas with a partner. You are required to..
Give at least one piece of feedback or advice (for example, you can suggest that your partner add another symptom or come up with something more original/creative)
Write down the feedback or suggestion that you gave your partner and that your partner gave you
Lesson EQ: How is your killer plague contagious?
Unit EQ: Why are killer plagues such a threat?
Be creative! We learned in class that diseases can be spread by touch or air, but you can come up with your own idea. It does not have to be realistic!
(disease name) is/is not a very contagious disease. This epidemic is so dangerous because . Victims can catch the disease by . In addition, scientists believe that . Unfortunately, .
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