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Copy of Elements of Drama

No description

Kayleigh R

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Elements of Drama

Instructions for the director, actors, and stage crew
Elements of Drama
Let's look more closely! What
elements of drama

Can you identify any elements of drama from the clip?
If so, what were they?

I can describe the structural elements particular to dramatic literature.
Have you ever seen a play?
minor characters
are listed at the beginning of the script. The cast of characters often includes a short description next to each character's name.

Sometimes a
sets the scene for the drama and comments on what happened.

See the script for "Pandora Gets Jealous" by Carolyn Hennesy.
Underline or highlight the CAST and CHARACTERS.

As in short stories, the plot of a drama is a
of related events
Cast of Characters
Acts & Scenes
Stage Directions
Sometimes drama is divided into acts, but that is for a really long play.
Most of the time you will see drama divided into scenes. A scene is when the setting change.
(think of stanzas in a poem)
Actors need to know how to react, where to stand and what actions to take.
What is drama anyway?
is a story that is intended to be performed for an audience, either on stage or before a camera. You may see dramas on television, at the movies, in videos, and on the stage.
Short Story Form
"It's the monster! It's the monster!" Tommy shouted in fright.
"We may need this," Don stated holding up his shotgun.
"A shotgun?" Steve questioned as he pulled the gun out of Don's hand.
Drama Form
(shouting, frightened). It's the monster! It's the monster!

(Don Martin joins them, carrying a shotgun. He holds it up.)

. We may need this.

. A shotgun? (He pulls it out of Don's hand.)
The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
Stage directions
tell actors how to speak and move.
describe the scenery (items on the stage that create the setting.
describe the props (objects the actors are using during the play.)
make suggestions for lighting and sound.
refer to special areas of the stage.
Series of complications in the conflict
Highest point of tension or turning point in plot
The special form in which drama is written.
Take a look at the the following clip. Is any part of this familiar?
It differs from the
in a short story in that the lines are written out for the characters to speak rather than being written with quotation marks and tag lines.
Things to look for in a drama:
Character's names - Who says what
Character's lines - Dialogue
Stage Directions - What an actor does
Look at the script "Pandora Gets Jealous" and circle or box all of the stage directions. In the margins, note what the stage directions are intended to do (was it describing the setting? scenery? Instructing actors on emotion? refer to an area of the stage?)
Okay, let's check or comprehension:

As an exit ticket, you will give me the following information on a sticky note:

1. List the 2 elements of drama that are most confusing to you.

2. Write down what part of drama makes the most sense to you.
Check in to let your teachers know where you are!
Script + Play + TV = Teleplay
is a script written for television

Fade in
: the picture gradually appears on the screen
: a swiveling movement of the camera, from one side to the other
Fade to black
: the picture gradually disappears until all that remains is a black screen
Cut to
: a sudden change from one scene or character to another
Outside shot
: camera shot of an exterior.
Opening shot
: the first scene of the production
: a new scene is blended with a scene that is fading out
Teleplay Version
Not THIS kind of drama.
Elements of Drama Overview

1. Script
2. Cast of Characters
3. Act & Scenes
4. Stage Directions
5. Plot
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